‘Arrow’ Stars Stephen Amell And Emily Bett Rickards Tease An Olicity Wedding In Season 6

After all their ups and downs, it sounds like there is hope for Oliver and Felicity after all. We’re still a few months away from the Season 6 premiere, but Arrow star Stephen Amell recently teased a possible wedding for Oliver and Felicity this season. Will they finally renew their engagement and tie the knot?

In an interview with TV Guide, Amell talked about the future of Olicity and sounded optimistic about a wedding in Season 6. Oliver and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) got engaged in Season 4, but she called off the wedding after finding out about his secret son, William (Jack Moore). The two avoided the subject for the better part of Season 5, and it sounds like they both got some much-needed space. Of course, the only complication is if Felicity survived the explosion on Lian Yu.

“If she’s alive, I hope that they reconcile the involvement of William (Jack Moore) and then get married,” Amell shared. “I mean, he proposed already. He’s been sitting around. Waiting. So hopefully that happens.”

There’s a strong chance that Felicity found a way to survive the destruction of the island. She has been a mainstay on the show for quite some time, and it is highly unlikely that producers would kill her off without a proper goodbye. Further, Oliver shared a kiss with Felicity before the explosion, which should carry over if she survived the blast.


Oliver’s son, however, will play a larger role on Arrow as it moves forward. Felicity and Oliver will need to come to terms with William and how Oliver kept him a secret before they can move on with their relationship. If they can work out their past demons, then we should hear some wedding bells in the immediate future.

In addition to Amell’s comments, Mirror reports that Rickards was also asked about a wedding during Comic Con. The actress was talked about Oliver and Felicity’s future during a session of two truths and one lie and all but confirmed that a wedding will take place in Season 6.

“They’re already married, they’re never getting married, they’re getting married,” she said.

Will Oliver and Felicity make it down the aisle this season? [Image via The CW]
Oliver and Felicity already had a fake wedding during Season 4. [Image by The CW]

Given everything that happened in Season 5, many fans interpreted Rickards’ answer as a confirmation that the two will get married. Whether this turns out to be the case is yet to be seen.

The new season of Arrow is set to begin October 12 on The CW.

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