‘Criminal Minds’ Korean Remake Teaser Features Lee Joon Gi, Sohn Hyun Joo, And Moon Chae Won In Action

The Hallyu remake of the hit American series Criminal Minds is going to start airing on Wednesday, and tvN’s production team released more teasers for fans who are excited for the aforementioned police procedural.

The extended Criminal Minds teaser had a somber, intense, and chilling mood. The trailer shows the demons plaguing the members of the National Criminal Information Agency. Kang Ki Hyung (Son Hyun Joo) who acts as the leader of the team does a fine job of detailing what the department’s role will be –looking for monsters that lost all sense of humanity. The flashbacks of murderers and how they prey on their victims take viewers on one creepy ride.

Meet The NCI Team

Team Leader Kang is quite capable in what he does but a profiling mistake is going to haunt him, and this would play a central role in the Korean remake of Criminal Minds. Kim Hyun Joon (Lee Joon Gi) was also involved in the case which continues to haunt his superior. Depicted as a talented but hotheaded crime scene investigator and profiler, Hyun Joon is someone who wouldn’t think twice about throwing punches.

Hyun Joon is a bomb expert who graduated from an elite police academy. Before he became part of the forensic behavioral analyst unit of the NCI, he was a police investigator. Hyun Joon is quite the jokester with a caring heart for his team members. To perfect his role as Hyun Joon in Criminal Minds, Lee Goon Ji had to learn some magic skills and master the Russian martial art Systema.

From the five-minute Criminal Minds trailer, the old case which led to multiple deaths appears to have personal significance to the NCI team’s leader and to Kim Hyun Joon. It would be interesting to see how this case helps the two characters evolve throughout the series alongside four other members of the team.

Ha Seon Woo (Moon Chae Won) a logical behavioral analyst who gives off a cold vibe due to her straightforward personality. Coming from a family of lawyers, she is always facing situations where she needs to fight corruption and stick to her principles. Based on the Criminal Minds teaser, she also needs to deal with her own demons and it also involves an old case.

Lee Han (Goo Yun) is a behavioral analyst who is quite on the nerdy side although he is definitely a genius. He has a knack for offering some scientific trivia while butting in on someone’s ramblings. Nana Hwang (Yoo Sun) seems to be the member patterned after Penelope in the original version of Criminal Minds. Her unabashed way of appreciating Lee Joon Gi’s looks and her way of clothing is quite similar to the character in the U.S. version. Lee Sun Bin who starred in Missing 9 rounds up the six-member crew of the NCI team. She will portray the media communication division, Yoo Min Young.

Criminal Minds Series Premiere Countdown

With the series premiere scheduled on Wednesday, tvN has been going all out on releasing clips and stills from the Criminal Minds production team.

Stills featuring various scenes hint what the Criminal Minds premiere will reveal. From the extended teaser and the pictures, there might be flashbacks about the old case involving Kang Ki Hyung and Kim Hyun Joon. A still image showed Lee Joon Gi standing in a cemetery with a blank look on his face –this coincides with the funeral scene in the teaser.

TvN’s upcoming crime drama Criminal Minds is based on a criminal investigation drama of the same title. Based on the information released about the series, it seems like the show will base the material on the U.S. version.

Criminal Minds will start airing on tvN on Wednesday, July 26 at 10:50 p.m. Korea Standard Time.

[Featured Image by Matt Roberts/Getty Images]