‘Justice League’s’ Ezra Miller Kisses Male Fan At SDCC 2017 [Video]

Ezra Miller seems very into fan service in his new role as The Flash.

According to TMZ, the actor kissed a male fan at San Diego Comic-Con after some fun banter with the crowd about booze.

Ezra asked some very excited fans why his character couldn’t hold his liquor. The answer: he has a very speedy metabolism. A fan who was taping the whole thing saw an opportunity to ask Ezra a very pertinent question: “Can I smell your breath?” Instead of answering, Ezra kissed the guy on the mouth.

The DCEU’s new Flash looks like he had lots of fun at Comic-Con, to say the least.

As the LA Times notes, Ezra went to all of his SDCC panels and interviews dressed as anime character Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist. Elric normally wears a long blond braid over his shoulder and Miller did the same, rocking a wig over his natural black hair. As they say: when at Comic-Con, why not cosplay?

According to the LA Times, Ezra had to explain his outfit to his Justice League co-star, the Batman himself, Ben Affleck. We’re sure that was a pretty hilarious conversation.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, a new trailer for the movie was revealed at Comic-Con on Saturday and there was way more footage in it than previous preview clips. The entire Justice League cast also attended the panel for the fans where they cleared up some rumors that had been swirling around the movie lately. One of the big rumors they needed to clear up was whether Ben Affleck would be leaving his Batman cape behind.

To that, Affleck responded that he would continue to portray the Dark Knight for as long as DC wanted him to. This is good news for fans who like Ben as Batman and don’t want to see the studio search for a new actor to play the character.

Do you think that Ezra Miller will be a good Flash? Are you looking forward to seeing him in Justice League and his own standalone movie in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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