‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Jessica Wins Power Of Veto – Keeps Noms The Same – Blindside Coming

The latest Big Brother 19 spoilers from the live feeds reveal that Jessica won the Power of Veto competition and plans to leave the nominations the same based on her latest conversations with showmance partner Cody. Jessica has no idea that, once again, she and Cody will be blindsided on live eviction night if the house continues its plan to flip her Head of Household against her. Look at what happened on the BB19 live feeds last night and the current temperature of the Big Brother house.

Cody throws PoV to Jessica

We won’t see the Power of Veto competition on the regular Big Brother 19 episodes until Wednesday night, but Jessica played as HoH along with nominees Josh and Ramses. Christmas, Cody, and Jason also played. Judging by the paint splatters on the Big Brother houseguests after the game, Big Brother Network spoilers say it was the exploding memory challenge. Cody threw the comp as did Christmas since they both want Jessica to win and leave nominations the same, but with different agendas.

Tonight’s Big Brother reveals the Head of Household comp and Jessica’s HoH win to all non-live feeds watchers. On Wednesday, July 26, the Veto Comp will play out on CBS and we’ll see that Cody throws it to Jessica. On the live feeds, Jessica teased Cody after the veto competition about it being the second PoV he’s thrown since he stepped back and let Alex win PoV in week one. Once again, the BB19 house is plotting behind their backs and they are clueless even though they are spending more time interacting with other HGs.

Jessica will leave nominations the same

In week one, Cody wanted to renominate Paul and knew Alex would take herself off the block so he let her win the PoV comp. This week, Cody backed off and let Jessica win the PoV so that she could have full control of her HoH week. However, Jessica and Cody have no idea that Paul is secretly controlling her HoH by campaigning to have his target, Rames, evicted this week while lying and reassuring Jessica that her target, Josh, will be the one to exit. Because Jessica is in the dark, she’s making ill-informed decisions.

In the latest Saturday Big Brother 19 live feeds talks between Jessica and Cody, she intends to leave Josh and Ramses on the block, thinking that Ramses is a pawn who is safe. Jessica wants Josh out. While it’s true that the majority of the household finds Josh annoying, they also don’t see him as much of a threat in competitions or to win Big Brother should he stay longer. Paul has control of enough votes to sway them to send home Ramses since Paul is still holding a grudge against the guy.

Big Brother 19 week 4 voting predictions

It remains to be seen if Paul can control his voting block this week since there are concerns in the BB19 house about when evictees will start going to the BB19 Jury House. No one wants to be stuck in jury with Josh who’s volatile and annoying, according to the HGs. Part of Paul’s lobbying strategy is to point out if Josh stays, he’ll target Jessica and Cody and leave the rest of them alone. The votes against Ramses include Paul, Raven, Matt, Kevin, Christmas, Alex and possibly Jason, although the cowboy is on the fence.

Cody will vote against Josh, as will Mark and Elena. Big Brother 19 spoilers tease that if nothing changes, it’ll be a 7-3 or 6-4 vote, but it seems a lock for Ramses to leave and Cody and Jessica’s jaws to drop on live eviction night again. However, there are still five days of game to play and any loose lips could sink Paul’s ship. On the Saturday live feeds, Josh told Paul he wanted to explode after the Veto Ceremony and let Jessica and Cody know they were fooled but Paul talked him down for now.

Halting Hex could destroy Paul’s plan

Big Brother 19 spoilers tease Paul’s plans could be wrecked if Mark, Elena, Jessica, or Cody get wind of the plan. Since Jason is torn between the two sides, he’s a point of weakness, and so is Josh, although it could hurt Josh’s game chances if he talks. That being said, BB19 fans know Josh has impulse control issues and he might shoot his mouth off so he can throw it in Jessica and Cody’s faces that they won’t get what they want. If he does that, Josh could thwart Paul’s plan and ruin his game.

Jessica has the Halting Hex and while she ideally would save it to use to save herself or Cody from eviction, she might use it to stop this Thursday’s Big Brother live eviction if she found out Ramses was the target of the house majority. With Ramses gone, that’s one less vote for her and Cody’s shaky alliance. Paul will have his hands full this week babysitting Josh to keep him from blowing up both their games. If Paul can pull this off, he might be unstoppable.

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[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]