‘The Bachelorette’: Rachel Lindsay To Call Out Suitor For Alleged Racist Comments On ‘Men Tell All’ Special

Rachel Lindsay has gotten an eyeful since her episodes of The Bachelorette have started airing on ABC. While Rachel was living in a fantasy world as she jetted all over the world on her Bachelorette dream dates, she has now been able to see exactly what went on behind the scenes as the ABC reality show filmed, as well as social media response. In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Rachel Lindsay revealed she is not nervous to reunite with the two dozen suitors she has rejected so far this season, and she even has a special message for one of them. Rachel told ET she plans to confront ousted suitor Lee Garrett for some things she has read about him since filming ended.

“I feel different about Lee [since sending him home],” Rachel said. “I’ve read things, I’ve seen things that I didn’t know about him before.”

Garrett, a Nashville singer-songwriter, recently came under fire for allegedly posting racist tweets to social media. According to Variety, screenshots of alleged tweets from 2015 and 2016 were leaked from a private Twitter feed appearing to belong to Lee Garrett. The offensive tweets included a post comparing Black Lives Matter to a “terrorist group” as well as KKK and anti-Islam posts. Rachel has also since seen Lee’s on-camera clashes with African American castmates.

“I don’t have any questions,” Rachel told ET of her plans for confronting Garrett.

“I just have something to say. I don’t know how I’m going to handle it. Maybe Lee has an apology. Who knows what he’s going to bring to Men Tell All.”


Lee Garrett was the self-described “country boy” on this season of The Bachelorette, and at one point he predicted that he was “going to have problems with some of these guys in here.” Some Bachelorette fans thought Lee’s remark seemed racist because a large number of Rachel Lindsay’s suitors were African American. Lee became such an antagonist on the show that subsequent Bachelorette promos dubbed him “Lee-vil.”

While he made waves with the other guys, Lee Garrett did seem to be smitten with Rachel Lindsay. Garret told the Hollywood Reporter that he was attracted to Rachel after first seeing her on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor.

“I [told producers] I had been watching and that Rachel was probably the classiest girl on the season, and it was somethin’ else,” Lee recounted to THR. “Then I started really paying attention to her and who she was and learning things about her. I got more excited as time went by.”

While she plans to put Lee Garrett in his place, Rachel Lindsay revealed she doesn’t have much to say to DeMario Jackson, who came on her season of The Bachelorette with a hometown girlfriend still in the wings, when she reunites with him on Men Tell All.

“I’ve pretty much said it all to DeMario the last time I saw him,” Lindsay revealed. “I really don’t have anything else to say, and I would think he wouldn’t want to ask me a question, because I had to tell him about himself not once, twice… I don’t I need to go for a third time.”

Take a look at the video below for more on the Lee Garrett drama on The Bachelorette.

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