Kailyn Lowry’s Friend Accidentally Lets It Slip That Kail Is Pregnant [Video]

Kailyn Lowry may be ready to give birth to Baby Lo any day now, but that doesn’t mean the star wanted everyone to know about her bun in the oven immediately. In the current season of Teen Mom 2, Kailyn Lowry finds out she’s pregnant with the child she dubs Baby Lo from a friend at Delaware State University named Chris Lopez.

Originally, Kailyn Lowry kept mum about who the father of her child was for fear that he wouldn’t want to be in their lives. She finally announced her pregnancy to shocked fans in February, as they didn’t expect Lowry to be pregnant so soon after divorcing her ex, Javi Marroquin.

Kailyn Lowry has already taken to Twitter to tell fans that she wasn’t quite herself this season and that she apologizes for acting off. She says she plans to get it together for the next season, though some fans weren’t quite impressed with her excuses.

In a Teen Mom 2 sneak peek, the soon-to-be mother of three is seen taking her sons Isaac and Lincoln to her ex-husband Javi Marroquin’s house. While in the car, she FaceTimes a friend and tells her how stressed she is with all of the homework she has for her last semester of college.

Her friend laughs and says, “Dude, you’re so pregnant.”

Kailyn Lowry is not taking too kindly to the accidental reveal and growls to her friend, “I’m filming.”


Of course, Kail couldn’t keep her growing belly a secret much longer, and it was bound to come out at some point during filming.

On the question of whether or not her baby daddy, Chris Lopez, will be on Teen Mom 2, the answer seems to be most probably no. Although she confirmed he fathered her child in early May, she stated that he probably won’t appear on the show because of all of his “side hos.”

It has even be reported that Chris Lopez may not even come to the birth of Baby Lo and Kaily Lowry may have to go at it alone. The reality TV star already has friend Becky Hayter lined up to come help her when the time is right.


[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]