Abby Lee Miller’s Final Pre-Prison Interview: She Admits To Being ‘Petrified’ Of The Other Inmates

Disgraced Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller may have already reported to prison for her 366-day sentence, but a final pre-prison interview has yet to air on Lifetime. The special, which will chronicle her final days before prison, and possibly show the last glimpse of Abby Lee Miller as she disappears into FCI Victorville, will air on July 25, ahead of the new season of Dance Moms.

In a tearful interview, Abby Lee Miller admitted that she was absolutely “petrified” of how the other inmates would treat her in prison. According to reports, it hasn’t been going so well inside of the institution, as several other inmates were allegedly angry that at Abby Lee Miller’s arrival, the phones and email were shut off for seven hours. Although this is common practice when a high profile inmate arrives, it didn’t make Abby Lee Miller any friends.

During the interview, she also says that she is very scared of being physically assaulted, something she has discussed before. But she tells the interviewer that she has “blocked it out” and is trying not to think about that.

She also said that she was told not to open up too much about her fears because if inmates know about them, they will use them to their advantage.

The reality TV star will appear in part of the new season of Dance Moms, but will quit part way through and will be replaced by Cheryl Burke. The season premieres on August 1.

Recently, the star opened up saying that she didn’t think she would “survive prison” and was terrified of her 366-day stay. She still maintains that she is gobsmacked by the prison sentence and doesn’t think she deserved it and has pointed fingers at other ALDC mothers such as Maddie Ziegler’s mother, Melissa Gisoni, saying she was in on smuggling money across the border.

Abby Lee Miller reportedly has been cleaning toilets as her beginning job in prison, as all new inmates are required to do. Rumors from inside the prison say she hasn’t been adjusting well to the environment and has mostly kept to herself during her incarceration.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]