Adam Busby From ‘OutDaughtered’ Shares He Experienced Paternal Postpartum Depression

New episodes of the second half of Season 2 recently began airing, and during the latest OutDaughtered episode titled “A Little Potty Never Killed Nobody,” Adam started to open up to wife Danielle about how he was struggling. He revealed that since their quintuplet daughters were born that he’s been feeling “off.” He’s also previously stated that he feels the responsibility of everything weighing on him, and the stress is obviously starting to take a toll.

The Huffington Post shared that Busby recently revealed on his Twitter page about his struggle with paternal postpartum depression, or PPD. He went on to say that 1 in 10 men experience PPD, but that no one wants to talk about it.

“It’s not fun to talk about, but if me talking about this helps any dads out there then it’s all worth it.”

Several fans of the show replied to his comment, sharing their own experiences and commending him for sharing what he’s been going through. According to Romper, paternal postnatal/postpartum depression, can come with “a number of adjustments that put dads at risk of developing depression symptoms,” which is something that Adam has been dealing with.

Although a lot of research and awareness on the subject has brought to light the reasons behind postpartum depression, there has been very little research conducted on PPND. Now that Adam has opened up about what he’s been going through, he could be instrumental in spreading awareness on the very real mental health issue of paternal postpartum depression.

Besides the obvious hormonal issues that can come into play with postpartum depression, men suffer the same stress and sleep deprivation, which can definitely have an effect on new fathers. With five babies and an older daughter to care for, what Adam has been struggling with was compounded several times over.

Danielle took to Twitter as well, stating that she was shocked at what he had been going through. Men tend to be less willing to open up about what they are experiencing, but once they do, it’s the first step toward the road to recovery. Shedding light on such a sensitive topic can help others, and future episodes of OutDaughtered show Adam reaching out for help.

Are you a fan of the show, and were you aware of paternal postpartum depression? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. OutDaughtered airs every Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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