‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Paul Controlling Jessica’s HOH – ‘BB19’ Live Feeds Update

Big Brother 19 spoilers from the BB19 CBS live feeds overnight reveal that although Jessica is HoH, has a sweet advantage with the Halting Hex, and has her boy Cody back in the house, Paul is taking control of her HoH, and she doesn’t seem to know it. Cody is back in the house, but that only gives Jessica an alliance of two. Her new friendships in the BB19 house are tentative at best because of her off-putting actions while Cody was around. So for anyone hoping those two will back door Paul, cool your jets, they can’t make it happen.

“Jody” doesn’t have the votes for a back door scheme

There are a number of reasons why Jessica and Cody (aka Jody) can’t and won’t try to backdoor Paul this week. Neither is the brightest strategist from what we’ve seen, but it’s more than that. It’s simple math. To evict Paul, they would need six votes, and they don’t have it. Paul’s alliance includes Matt, Raven, Kevin, Jason, Alex, and Christmas. There are enough people tight with the vet to keep him in the house and send the other nomination home, so it would be a wasted HoH to nominate Paul.

Other BB19 spoilers from Cody in his exit interview and last Diary Room talks show that he’s got respect for Paul, considers him the only other “alpha male” in the house (aside from himself, of course) and pledged to play differently if he came back in the game. With that in mind, and Jessica playing witness all week to Paul’s strong social game, they know they can’t pull it off now. Jessica knows the temperature in the house and warned Cody right away to hear her out before he tried anything.

Paul taking over Jessica’s HoH to get what he wants

BB19 spoilers show the hiccup in Jessica’s HoH plan to target Josh is that Paul wants Ramses gone. Paul thinks (and he’s right) that Ramses is a smarter guy and a better player while Josh is a loose cannon that can be taken out at any time because he’s disliked by many HGs. Big Brother 19 spoilers by Big Brother Network reveal that Paul is swaying the house against Jessica’s plan. Paul wants Ramses out and to keep weaker (and highly emotion) houseguest Josh around.

Last night, on the live feeds, Paul went up to the HoH room, made nice with the reigning couple and assured Jessica she’s on track with votes to get her target Josh evicted. Downstairs, Paul reassured Josh that he would be safe and told him to cry and act upset and otherwise keep his mouth shut. But can Josh be trusted to keep his mouth shut? It’s all down to the PoV comp. If Ramses wins the Power of Veto and pulls himself off the block, Jessica could put Paul up as a Hail Mary or some other pawn.

Jessica may be blindsided by her own Head of Household week

The biggest blessing for Paul was Josh attacking Jessica while she was on the Chopping Block in that messy backyard spectacle. Josh railed at Mark accusing him of lying and also went off on Jessica. Josh was still lying to cover that he voted to evict Jillian over Christmas during Cody’s unsuccessful reign as HoH. Josh knew Jessica was staying in the house, yet he blew up his own game anyway. Therefore, Jessica wants him out, but the only way that will happen is if Josh winds up on the block opposite Paul.

Other Big Brother 19 spoilers show that Paul knows Jessica has the Halting Hex – she even smiled when he asked her about it. Paul has a lot more information than Jessica at this point. It will all be down to the PoV and Josh keeping his mouth shut. If Josh has the smarts to run to Jessica and tell her quietly that Paul reassured him that Ramses would go and not him, that would be a power move that could flip the house and (possibly) send Paul out of the BB19 house if a renom back door opportunity arose.

Loose cannon Josh should be safe this week – as should Paul

Josh isn’t a calm, clever thinker, though, so it’s likely the only way that Jessica would learn about Paul’s double dealing from Josh is if Josh exploded and started screaming the truth at her. Even so, Paul is tight with enough of the BB19 houseguests that it’s doubtful Jessica could sway the house to vote for Paul if she could keep him on the Chopping Block. And lest we forget, Christmas has the Ring of Replacement which allows her to replace one of the three HGs drawn for the PoV comp.

Given Christmas’ physical limitations, it seems a long shot that she could play and win the PoV. But what Christmas could do is keep a stronger player from playing. Jessica, Josh, and Ramses will be in the PoV comp automatically, but if Cody is drawn or Jess gets player’s choice and chooses Cody to play, Christmas could try and protect Paul from a potential back door move by replacing Cody. Either way, it seems that Paul is sitting pretty this week because of his strong social game and Ramses should exit unless he wins the PoV comp.

Power of Veto comp today – all eyes on Cody and Jess

Depending on the nature of the Power of Veto competition, Ramses might win. He did pretty well in the last veto comp and was second only to Paul while protesting that he didn’t try to win. There’s lots more game left to play this week, and the veto comp will take place today, Saturday, July 22, so look for results from live feeds updates later today on who wins the Golden Power of Veto. It will also be interesting to see whether Jessica and Cody learned their lesson about their petty behavior that led to his eviction.

Last night on the BB19 Live Feeds, Jessica warned Cody they couldn’t isolate themselves like before, and he agreed – although all was said while making out in a frenzied reunion. Jessica is also locked onto Josh as her target and Cody is hoping to play in the PoV comp to ensure Josh stays on the Chopping Block and is evicted. If Paul gets his way, those two will be stunned when Ramses goes, Josh sticks around, and they find themselves house targets. Check back often for more Big Brother 19 spoilers and results.

[Featured Image by Bill Inoshita/CBS]