Beyonce iCloud Allegedly Hacked: Private Photos Of Twins To Be Released, Hacker Threatens

Beyonce could potentially see her private photos being leaked by a hacker who claims to have a dozen photographs of the singer’s newborn twins.

According to Hollywood Life, the unidentified hacker has already leaked two videos, which reportedly came from Beyonce’s phone, showing Blue Ivy dancing in her parents’ backyard while another shows Solange dining with Michelle Obama.

The hacker is said to have put those two videos out to let people know that they were not lying when they said they had full access to all of Beyonce’s videos and photos, adding that many images are bound to hit the internet very soon.

It’s unclear what the hacker wants in order for them not to leak the private and personal photos, but as of yet, Beyonce and her team has taken no action to prevent the data from being seen by the public.

Hollywood Life explains by saying that the majority of the photos are said to be of Beyonce’s newborn twins, and though she has already shown her fans a photograph of her babies, Sir and Rumi Carter, she wouldn’t want personal images to leak on social media.

It’s certainly an invasion of privacy and with how Beyonce has handled these kinds of situations in the past, a lawsuit will certainly be filed if the hacker is caught, it’s being reported.

While the hacker has already confirmed that there are plenty of photos of the twins on Beyonce’s supposed iCloud account, there could be other images that the “Formation” singer most definitely doesn’t want anybody seeing.

Within minutes of posting the footage of Blue Ivy dancing in a backyard, which was reportedly taken from Beyonce’s phone, the video went viral and found itself trending on Twitter in an instant.

Once the other videos and images hit the internet, it’s believed that they will get the same kind of attention — particularly since Beyonce’s fans have been eager to see more of the singer’s babies, aside from the photograph she’s already posted on Instagram.

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In this case, do you think Beyonce should take immediate action to prevent the hacker from putting out any photos she doesn’t want the world to see or is the hacker lying about having other clips and snaps from Beyonce’s device?

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