Tristan Thompson Protecting Khloe From Trolls After O.J. Simpson Biological Father Speculation

Tristan Thompson has reportedly been very protective of Khloe Kardashian after the reality star was attacked with claims that O.J. Simpson is her biological father.

Following the parole hearing earlier this week, social media trolls joked that Khloe’s real father was finally being released from prison in October, adding that the reality star must be happy to be reunited with her dad.

It’s nothing new to hear people speculate who Khloe’s real father is, with many claiming that she shares no resemblance to her sisters, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian.

Supposedly, the comments have been weighing her down, and while she’s refusing to acknowledge them, it’s definitely getting to her.

Tristan Thompson has made all the effort to assure his girlfriend that she’s fully protected so long as he’s around.

Tristan Thompson and the TV star dined out in West Hollywood earlier this week, and despite all the attention Khloe had received on social media, it didn’t stop the duo from enjoying a romantic night dining out in public.

Hollywood Life shares that Tristan Thompson has definitely stepped up to the plate, particularly on their first night out after his girlfriend was attacked on Twitter by trolls claiming she is O.J. Simpson’s biological daughter.

Sources say that Tristan Thompson thinks the rumors regarding Khloe are absurd, and he’s certainly noticed how they have gotten to her. She’s always hated the idea of people speculating who her real father was, and this time is no different.

Tristan Thompson and the 33-year-old kept their head down as they headed to the restaurant while photographers bombarded the reality star with questions regarding Simpson, which the bootylicious star felt no interest to respond to.

News of Tristan Thompson being protective over his girlfriend following the social media attack comes just one week after reports revealed that the twosome was actively looking to purchase a home together.

Tristan Thompson reportedly wants to spend more time in Los Angeles when he’s not playing basketball. The duo has both decided to make LA and Cleveland their homes, with their latter being the place they’ll spend most of their time.

What do you make of Tristan Thompson protecting Khloe?

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