‘BB19’ Spoilers: New HOH, Week 4 Nominees Revealed Through Live Feeds, Primary Target Is Concerned

BB19 spoilers from late Friday (July 21) reveal a lot. These latest Big Brother 19 spoilers not only include who won the Week 4 Head of Household Competition, but also who that person has nominated for eviction. It is something that will shake up the BB19 house quite a bit and it is all playing out on the CBS live feeds.

The first of the noteworthy Big Brother 19 spoilers is that Jessica Graf won the HOH Competition. This is what she needed to do, especially since Cody Nickson just won the Battle Back Competition, giving the showmance most of the power in the game. It meant that Jessica could also put a plan into action with the nominations, using a plan that Cody had worked up with her.

It appears that a backdoor plan could already be in action, with Paul Abrahamian counting down the days until he could be getting evicted from the BB19 house. The nominees also seem to point to Paul being the eventual target, with Cody and Jessica taking some revenge with this second chance that the Battle Back Competition has provided. It also gives Cody a bit more time to secure his spot as one of the most disliked houseguests the reality competition show has ever seen.

So who did Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson nominate for eviction? The two nominees for the week are Ramses Soto and Josh Martinez. Josh was on the bad side of Jessica and Cody for a while in the BB19 house, especially when it looked like Cody was about to get evicted. There were a lot of shouting matches between these three houseguests, so it isn’t surprising at all that Josh would end up on the block. Josh wouldn’t be a bad target, but that would only take place if Paul Abrahamian is somehow able to control the Power of Veto this week.

A lot could happen over the next 48 hours, as the new-look BB19 cast will have to play the Veto Competition and then take part in the Veto Ceremony. Will Paul Abrahamian find a way to secure safety before Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson can backdoor him at the Veto Ceremony? Is this the week that Christmas Abbott uses her secret temptation to shake up the Veto Competition? Many more Big Brother 19 spoilers are likely to hit the live feeds soon, giving subscribers a lot of action to keep them busy over the weekend.

[Featured Image by Richard Shotwell/AP Images]