Mariah Carey Gets Body Shamed After Recent Performances

It hasn’t been a good year for Mariah Carey. First, there was her bizarre performance on ABC’s New Year’s Eve special that instantly became one of the most disastrous PR events in recent entertainment history. At the time, DigitalMusic News described the event.

“It was a simple performance of a chart-topping classic for New Year’s Eve. But somehow, it turned into an all-out train wreck that could threaten Mariah Carey’s career. The destroyed performance, during ABC’s ‘Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest,’ was part of a traditional year-end celebration.”

The article notes that after running through “Auld Lang Syne” with no problems, Carey then plugged into an epic lip-syncing fail. It ended up with Carey walking off the stage in embarrassment. As Entertainment Weekly noted a few days later, Mariah blamed Dick Clark Productions for the mishap, but that still didn’t stop people from bashing her.

Earlier this week, Mariah found herself being dragged on the internet again, and the situation was almost as bad as it had been after last New Year’s Eve. This time, it was for a performance of the song “Honey,” in which Carey barely seemed to move. Even her dancers had a hard time getting Carey enthused for the performance.

The backlash was intense, with many people concentrating on Mariah Carey’s weight. Robert Reyes of the Student Operated Press was just one of Carey’s media critics who fat shamed her.

“Mariah Carey was a huge star in the 90’s, now she`s just huge – she resembles a baby hippo,” claimed columnist Robert Reyes, who described Carey as being so fat that she could barely move.

Mariah Carey is being body shamed at her shows
Mariah Carey has been trashed over her latest performances. [Image by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images]

Other articles were more passive aggressive and described Mariah as being curvy rather than fat. However, one could hope that Mariah Carey didn’t read the comments section after an article about the topic in the Daily Mail.

“I’m only surprised that they could actually lift her,” claimed Angela.

“She needs to cover up those tree-trunk legs & actually perform – why people still pay to see this lazy woman is beyond me! Feel sorry for those dancers who have to pick her up,” stated Cherylann911.

Then, the tabloids were back and very passive aggressive in describing Mariah Carey closing out her Las Vegas show in her “curves.”

In their article, which posted unflattering pictures of Carey that went viral, The Sun described Mariah as showing off her curves while wearing a revealing glitter leotard with fishnet tights as she “strutted” her stuff on stage. Perhaps the photos were clickbait for the comments section, which was universally negative towards Carey.

“Jesus Christ! I just been reading about the Sumo wrestlers all being Mongolian and now they got an American one!” exclaimed Carol Ramsey.

“She’s a big fat lump and should cover up,” claimed Ian Stewart.

Several other news outlets wrote stories similar to this one while trying to passive-aggressively shame Carey, who wouldn’t be the only woman that has become a victim to this trend that many feel is sexist. Perhaps Mariah Carey should take a page from Modern Family‘s Ariel Winter and hit back at the body shamers. Not only would she spark a feminist discussion, but everybody knows that Mariah likes to throw shade.

[Featured Image by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images]