'Knightfall': A&E Network Drops The Brand New Trailer During San Diego Comic-Con

Rachel Tsoumbakos

Fans of the Knights Templar awaiting news on A&E Network's upcoming series, Knightfall, can now check out the latest trailer, released during San Diego Comic-Con. However, an announcement date for the new series based on historical historical elements of the Knights Templar has not been released yet.

Up until now, news on A&E Network's Knightfall has been scant. We know it will air later this year and an earlier trailer was released indicating this. However, since then, nothing new has surfaced about the show based on the Knights Templar. Of course, now that it is Comic-Con weekend, that has changed. Not only has a new trailer been released, but fans attending San Diego Comic-Con can get their photo taken with a Knight Templar, have their valuables protected by a Knightfall-themed storage service, and pick up the comic which is a prequel to the television series.

But, what is Knightfall really about? Entertainment Weekly has released the following synopsis for Knightfall.

"[Knightfall] picks up in 1306, toward the end of the Templars' run as one of the most powerful organizations in the Christian world. Thanks to the bloody battles of the Crusades, the Templars are losing allies at the same time they're gaining enemies, such as the King of France. With the help of a special sword and the knowledge that the Holy Grail is somewhere in France, the Templars bet everything on this grand quest."

You can check out the brand new trailer for Knightfall, released at San Diego Comic-Con, below.

Some Vikings fans may get excited watching this trailer for Knightfall as a sword is briefly seen that bears a resemblance to the one seen in the Season 5 finale episode of Vikings. That sword was owned by Heahmund (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), a member for a religious warrior group that were the early predecessors to the Knights Templar.

However, closer inspection shows different words are written inscribed on both swords. Heahmund' s sword reads "ananyzapata." You can find out more on what that word means via this previous Inquisitr article. The sword seen in the trailer for Knightfall is covered and hard to read, however, part of the inscription says "Christi." Considering the Knights Templar was a religious group, this is to be expected.

Are you looking forward to the new A&E Network series, Knightfall? What did you think of the new trailer? Let us know by commenting below.

[Featured Image by A&E Network]