Kanye West’s ‘Skirt’ Gets A Twitter Account

Kanye West’s “skirt” at the recent benefit for Hurricane Sandy victims became a flashpoint for post-event buzz, but the star’s fashion choice also managed to spark what Kanye loves best — talk about Kanye.

Kanye West’s skirt seemed to steal the show at the star-studded event, which is no small feat when joined in notability by Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, a Nirvana reunion dubbed “Sirvana” because Kurt Cobain was stood in for by ex-Beatle Paul McCartney … it was a night with a lot to talk about on the docket.

But it seems that two days after the 12.12.12 concert for Sandy relief, all anyone can discuss is Kanye West’s skirt.

(Which is odd because we’re familiar with this particular affectation, aren’t we? It’s called a kilt, and if we recall correctly, Samuel L. Jackson took to wearing one for a time in the 90s or 00s after filming in Scotland.)

And homeboy could rock a kilt.

But somehow Kanye West’s skirt has captured America’s fancy, as if males have never worn the masculine apparel that happens to not be pants ever in our recall, and Kanyeezy did something totally new and novel. Okay, the kilt was leather, but it was still something we’ve all seen before.

(It could have something to do with the “Meggings trend.”)

kanye west skirt samuel l jackson

Given the buzz about Kanye’s skirt, the item of clothing has been covered intensely, and now, it has its own Twitter account. More than 1,500 Twitter users follow Kanye West’s skirt, and the half-frock has given over to the following musings:

Do you think Kanye West’s skirt gave kilts a boost? Start of a new trend?