Simon Saran Slams Farrah Abraham, Says She’s Fake And Will Always Be Alone

Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran’s social media war is heating up, and the pair may be on their way to becoming the next Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian. Hopefully, they won’t go to that level of pettiness, but the former couple isn’t above bashing one another on social media.

Simon Saran, Farrah Abraham’s one time love, has taken to slamming his ex on social media, questioning her parenting skills and her authenticity as a person.

In response to his twitter tirade, Farrah Abraham has sent Simon a cease and desist letter, asking him to stop making up things about her and her family. She has also accused him of being a stalker and stated that he still texts her, posting images of recent messages as proof.

Farrah Abraham also claims that she “made” Simon, while he has a totally different side to the story. According to him, before he was in Farrah’s life, she was trying to sell adult toys and her Backdoor Teen Mom special. He also claims that he “plopped a high end furniture store right in front of her.”

Simon Saran went on to give his side of the story to E! News, where he had some harsh words for his ex.

He told the website that he thought Farrah Abraham would rather surround herself with fake people than with genuine folks like him, which is partially why he’s moved on to his unnamed new lady.

“She can say what she wants, but we all know who the real one is and who the fraud is,” he told E! News.

According to Simon, Farrah Abraham is more interested in chasing the almighty dollar than being with someone who genuinely cares about her. He said he doesn’t see a reconciliation at any point in the future because Farrah is always ready to leave for a new business venture.

“She’d rather make a buck then to keep someone around who actually cared about her. She will forever be alone.”

In an earlier Twitter tirade, Simon accused Farrah Abraham of not being the best mother possible to Sophia, 8, because she was always away filming television shows for MTV or participating in other events. He stated that he worries about the little girl because she has no father, and her mother is always traveling and neglects to take Sophia with her, even though it might disrupt her school schedule.

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