‘BB19’ Live Feeds Are Down Until After The Battle Back. What Was Going On In The House Before They Turned Off?

'Big Brother 19" Dominique on Live Feeds promo shot

BB19 fans know the truth always comes out on the live feeds. Viewers get a lot a lot of details from watching the Big Brother houseguests as they are aired live for most of the 24 hours in a day. As was previously announced, the houseguests were sent into the Den of Temptation yesterday, and one of them accepted the temptation of the Halting Hex. With a live eviction tonight and the holder of the Halting Hex being able to stop a live eviction, making it a no eviction week, the live feeds have been busy. CBS wants fans to enjoy the surprise, and they picked a cliffhanger moment to shut the feeds off until Friday night at 9:00 pm PST.

The following will contain details of BB19 that have not yet aired. If you don’t want to know what may be making the editor’s cut, stop reading now.

With Jessica and Dominique sitting on the block and facing eviction tonight, the Big Brother houseguests have been trying to figure out who took the temptation. The holder has the ultimate power to stop a live eviction, either tonight or in one of the next three evictions. That is a lot of power and is a major game changer.

Today on the feeds, it started out slow. The BB19 houseguests woke up to music and started their day, as always. According to Joker’s Updates, Christmas got a new cast and a scooter to help her be more comfortable and get around better. She shared with the cameras that she thinks she will be able to participate in the next Head of Household competition. Staying safe next week is critical because it is the last eviction before Jury. Of course, she wants to win it all but to at least make jury is what most Big Brother houseguests aim for as a milestone in the game.

Just before the feeds were cut, Paul was talked with Josh and Matt about the upcoming eviction. He wanted to know what they think of possibly flipping the script and sending Jessica home instead of Dominique. Matt actually likes the idea and could be onboard with it. Paul travels over to Ramses, Christmas, and Elena in the bathroom. As they are exchanging chit chat, the feeds cut before he brings up the eviction.

Big Brother fans know all too well that the greatest of plans, no matter how concrete they are, can change on a dime in the game of “expect the unexpected.” Viewers will know in just a few hours if Paul is able to switch the plan and save Dominique after having fought with her all week. As for more details, Big Brother’s live feed viewers have been temporarily evicted until after the Battle Back show that is scheduled for Friday evening.

Can Paul save Dominique now or will she be evicted? Who do you think has the Halting Hex? Are you excited to learn how the winner of the Battle Back may be blocked from re-entering the BB19 house? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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