‘The Jury Speaks’: ‘O.J. Simpson’ Juror Says ‘Screw You,’ ‘Stuff Was Planted’ On Oxygen Documentary

The Jury Speaks: “O.J. Simpson” documentary is heading to the Oxygen Network this weekend. Looming ahead of news regarding O.J. Simpson’s parole hearing today, The Jury Speaks: “O.J. Simpson” makes its debut at the perfect time. On the show, jurors from the O.J. Simpson criminal trial will speak out and tell their side of the story.

The Jury Speaks: “O.J. Simpson”

The Jury Speaks Oxygen viewers will learn what it was like to sit on the O.J. Simpson jury for the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Original O.J. Simpson jury members will give an insider’s take and share facts about the trial that divided a nation. One juror says they often felt like prisoners. Find out why the trial ended when it did.

According to The Jury Speaks: O.J. Simpson documentary, jurors have no doubt the blood found was O.J. Simpson’s blood. The question was how did it get there. Behind those walls, O.J. Simpson jury members were separated. It was the whites against the blacks. Tensions rose so high that one juror slapped another “upside the head,” a juror stated.

People were tired of being sequestered. Everyone wanted to go home. O. J. Simpson prosecuting attorney Chris Darden will also speak out and reveal how the trial completely changed his life, The Jury Speaks: O.J. Simpson documentary will reveal.

There was evidence presented at the civil trial that criminal O.J. Simpson trial jurors were not allowed to hear or see. Now, they will reflect on whether a guilty man was set free. Was the evidence tainted? Did the jury get it wrong? This weekend, the original members of the O.J. Simpson jury will vote once again to finally determine if O.J. really did it.

Branded a fugitive from justice, the O.J. Simpson car chase scene is one still etched into the memories of the American public. Prosecutors believe O.J. Simpson killed Nichole Brown in a jealous rage. However, Johnny Cochran said if the glove “doesn’t fit, you must acquit.”

On social media, people still argue over the validity of the blood evidence and the jury’s controversial verdict of the century. In The Jury Speaks: “O.J. Simpson,” a male juror says after the episode airs, he is prepared for people to say, “screw you.” And when they do, he is prepared to say it right back to them.

Most everyone will remember exactly where they were the day the O.J. Simpson criminal verdict was read, and the mini-scream Johnny Cochran let out when it was announced O.J. was not guilty.

Today, the world is watching to see if former American football superstar O.J. Simpson will be released from prison on parole after serving time for armed robbery. Watch The Jury Speaks: O.J. Simpson this Saturday at 9/8 p.m. Central on Oxygen.

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