Cliff Bleszinski Planning On Starting A New Studio

Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski announced in September that he would be leaving Epic Games after nearly 20 years. The decision was a bit unexpected at the time and left gamers wondering what, if anything, Bleszinski would be involved in next.

In an interview with X-Play, Bleszinski was asked what was in store for him in the future. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Bleszinski’s future was revealed to involve the formation of a new studio. He says that it’s not a matter of “if,” it’s a matter of “when.”

“When you start a studio, you want to have a philosophy for the overall studio as far as the pillars the studio is founded on,” Blezinski told X-Play (via IGN).

“Then you also have good game design philosophy. Honestly, I just want to create an environment where people can pan for gold, because you don’t always have the best idea at first.

“You kind of have to trust the process and the people in that process, and don’t self doubt. Game developers and game designers are so good at second-guessing and questioning each other. I just want to pan for gold while also having faith in the process.”

Although Bleszinski wouldn’t go into specifics, the former Gears of War developer that he has a few ideas for an all-new IP to be developed at his new studio, a game that he refers to by its codename, “BlueStreak.” What that is is anyone’s guess.

What sort of game would like to see from Bleszinski?