‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny And Carly Lash Out At Ava, Does She Still Deserve Their Wrath And Hatred?

Sonny and Carly Corinthos have been a favorite General Hospital couple for years now. However, many fans are starting to tire of their attitudes lately now that they are back together and on the warpath against Ava Jerome. They have lost their son, Morgan, and they are grieving his loss, but it seems that people are ready for them to move on from their vindictiveness. How far will they go to make Ava pay for what she did to Morgan?

Ava Jerome is now home from the hospital, but things are much worse for her. She has gotten a good look at her burnt and blistered face, and she hates what she sees. On Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital, the bandages came off. Ava looked in the mirror and told herself that she deserved all of this. According to Soap Central, she will fall deeper into despair. It will not be an easy road for her.

It certainly didn’t help when Sonny and Carly lashed out at Ava Jerome at the cemetery. She made a stop there on her way home from the hospital to pay Morgan’s grave a visit. Their hatred for her has grown even more. Carly’s words were pretty harsh, and many General Hospital fans are now starting to feel bad for Ava despite her involvement in Morgan’s death.

Carly Corinthos has always been a fierce mother bear, and after losing Morgan, she is even worse. She is out for blood. Ava’s disfigurement from the warehouse fire isn’t enough for her. Her statement to Ava kind of hit a nerve with many viewers.

“You’re a gutless, cruel monster, and you killed my son. Now your face is as ugly as your soul.”

Sonny also laid into Ava saying that she better not think about getting plastic surgery to fix her face as he may change his mind about letting her live. It was a rough scene to watch for fans who have had enough of Sonny and Carly acting all righteous. They are certainly not perfect angels at all.

On the other side of the coin, Carson fans are defending their General Hospital couple, saying that they have every right to lash out at Ava Jerome for Morgan’s death. It has been argued that Ava only caused the ball to start rolling when she messed with Morgan’s bipolar drugs, but it was ultimately her sister, Olivia Jerome, who planted the bomb in the car that actually killed him. However, messing with someone’s bipolar meds is not something to take lightly at all.

While the Corinthos couple wants Ava to pay dearly, Carly later told her husband that revenge might not be the answer. They need to let it go. But can they really do that?

What did you think of Sonny and Carly’s confrontation with Ava at the cemetery? Were they right to be so harsh with her? Be sure to watch General Hospital this summer to see what else develops between Carson and Ava Jerome.

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