Ann Coulter Believes That Delta Seat Drama Was Politically Motivated

Conservative author and Fox News staple Ann Coulter made news over the weekend when she got into some drama with Delta Airlines over her pre-booked seat. As CNBC reports, the 6-foot-tall GOP maven claimed to have booked a special “extra room” seat for her Saturday flight from New York to West Palm Beach, Florida. Unfortunately for Ann Coulter, her problems began before the plane even left the ground, when Delta employees moved her to a seat with less leg room.

To put things mildly, Coulter did not respond well to the sub par customer service from what she later called the “worst airline in America.” Indeed, she immediately took to social media to share her displeasure over the seating shuffle, even snapping a photo of the woman who was given her special “extra room” seat, a perk that apparently cost $30 more than a normal seat.

According to Ann Coulter and her Twitter rampage, an onslaught of anti-Delta tweets and retweets that is still ongoing as of Tuesday afternoon, she was particularly upset over who was given her pre-booked special seat. Namely, not an elderly person, a child, an ill person, or even an “air marshall (sic) or tall person.”

Coulter shared her grievances with her 1.6 million Twitter followers in what appeared to be nearly real time, and her outrage quickly went viral.

Ann Coulter didn’t limit her Twitter outrage to Delta Airlines, and used her social media presence to blast the woman who was given her reserved seat, too.

According to Delta, the Ann Coulter seating drama involved nothing more than a little bit of confusion with a last-minute booking change by Coulter herself. The airline claims that Coulter had originally booked a window seat, then changed it to an aisle seat in the same row less than 24 hours of takeoff. When the flight was being boarded, Delta says that Coulter was moved to a window seat in the same row in an attempt to honor the seating requests of other passengers. The airline added that during boarding, the seating confusion prompted the flight attendant on duty to ask all passengers to move to the seats indicated on their tickets, and all impacted passengers reportedly complied with the request.

A Delta spokesperson says that the airline was unaware of Ann Coulter’s outrage until she began her social media campaign against the company, its employees, and even the passengers on her flight after the plane landed. Delta responded to Ann Coulter on Twitter, offering to refund the $30 spent on the drama-inducing “extra room” seat.

The airline also expressed displeasure and disappointment regarding how Ann Coulter handled the situation.

Coulter was apparently not impressed by Delta’s offer, posting on social media that the time she spent investigating and pre-selecting her seat was worth thousands. While Delta appears to be trying to put the viral Ann Coulter seat drama behind it, Coulter’s Twitter account indicates that she has no such desire. Rather, she is apparently enjoying her time in the spotlight and seems inclined to stretch the 15 minutes of airline-related fame out as long as she possible can.

The conservative activist continued her Twitter tirade against Delta on Tuesday, reports Fox News. This time around, Ann Coulter cited so-called “insider knowledge” regarding why the airline gave her special seat away. According to Ann, the seat swap was politically motivated, and she posted an alleged text conversation between herself and a purported “flight attendant” to prove her claims that Delta employees deliberately set out to “make her life miserable.”

Coulter is now claiming that she was purposely targeted by Delta employees last weekend, and in her tweet, she encouraged fellow Republicans to “beware of Delta,” because she says that her seat drama “was political.”

“BEWARE OF @DELTA REPUBLICANS. Texts from a flight attendant: It was political. @Delta still won’t give a reason.”In the

The Tuesday Ann Coulter tweet is allegedly a screen shot between a flight attendant and their friend, with one asking the other about the weekend Coulter “extra room” seat debacle. So far, Ann Coulter hasn’t named the “insider sources” allegedly involved in the conversation.

According to the conversation, someone at the Delta desk saw Ann and wanted to “be a jerk and make her life miserable.”

“No, someone noticed her, and just wanted to be a jerk amd [sic] make her life miserable.”

“That’s what I figured.”

“Yeah, I said that on several secret FB groups of [XXX Airline] employees, they were all hating on Ann, and when I defended her, we went back & forth. And at the end, they acknowledged that it was a Delta employee who targeted Ann on purpose.”

Because the authenticity of the alleged “insider” text exchange has not been verified, social media users quickly took Coulter to task for her “anonymous source” and seemingly senseless anti-Delta drama. Some even insist that Ann Coulter broke airline rules over something as insignificant as a routine seat change, and have encouraged Delta to do more to protect its customers from being photographed and blasted on social media by irate fellow passengers.

Delta has not responded to further requests for comment over the Ann Coulter seat change drama, but apparently stands by its offer to return the $30 she paid for the “extra room” seat she was denied.

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