Real Reason Why Paige Hasn’t Been Released From Her WWE Contract Revealed

Paige hasn’t been featured on WWE television for over a year now, but her personal life has given the fans a lot to talk about while she’s been off. The company has suspended her twice for violating the Wellness Policy and a neck injury has kept her out of the ring. Meanwhile, her relationship with Alberto Del Rio continues to make headlines and many fans are wondering why WWE officials haven’t released Paige from her contract.

It’s being reported that several higher ups in the company are serious about releasing her. The last year has proven that the Women’s Division will be fine without Paige. However, it’s unlikely that WWE officials will pull the trigger on releasing her because of the upcoming film about her career, Fighting With My Family, that is being developed by The Rock. That’s the one thing keeping Paige’s WWE career going right now.

WWE officials know the movie will put mainstream attention on her, especially with The Rock involved with the film. The last thing that powers that be want to do is release Paige and allow that publicity to be scooped up by another wrestling promotion. The movie won’t be out until next year, so it’s likely that WWE officials are going to ride out any problems Paige has brought to the table in order to promote the movie next year.

Paige Hasnt Been Fired From WWE For One Specific Reason
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There have been reports about Paige making her WWE return sooner rather than later. Her neck is said to be in much better shape, so it’s only a matter of time before she’s medically cleared to return. A lot of people are hopeful that she’ll be back on WWE television before WWE SummerSlam. However, a timetable has not been confirmed yet for her return to the ring, but she’s still contracted with the company through 2019.

Paige May Never Appear On WWE Programming Again
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It’s being said that Paige’s attempts to make her return to WWE television have been ignored by the powers that be and WWE officials are communicating with her only when they are forced to do so. The feeling is, her issues in her personal life and her relationship with Alberto Del Rio are ruining her career. As a result, Paige will return to WWE television down the line, but she will not be trusted to receive any kind of major push.

A lot can happen over the next year, especially if Paige gets back into a WWE ring. There is no question that she is in the dog house right now, but a full year of wrestling and some mainstream attention with the movie could change the perception many people have of her. The sooner Paige can get back in the ring, the easier it will be for her to stay out of trouble. Otherwise, Paige may never appear on WWE programming ever again.

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