‘Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Did Rachel Just Reveal Who She Doesn’t Pick?

Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay may have just further spoiled the show for fans. The reality star recently sat down for a chat with Entertainment Tonight. During the interview, Lindsay talked about Peter Kraus, one of the guys in her top three, and in the process, she basically revealed that he is not the man she is engaged to.

If you have read this season’s Bachelorette spoilers, you probably know that Rachel ends up choosing Bryan Abasolo. The two are believed to be engaged and very happy and are both looking forward to going public with their relationship, starting on the After the Final Rose special.

After sending Dean home on Monday night’s episode of the show, the watching world got one step closer to seeing Reality Steve’s spoilers play out. Interestingly enough, Steve previously reported that Peter was the one who stole Rachel’s heart. He was able to change his report, but fans were sort of bummed out. For most of the season, Peter and Rachel have seemed pretty perfect together. While some Bachelorette fans were holding out hope that Reality Steve was wrong again, Rachel has all but said that Peter isn’t the one in her new sit-down with Entertainment Tonight.

There are a lot of rumors that Kraus is going to be the next Bachelor star. Apparently, this is something that he has wanted since high school. A yearbook photo of Peter posted last month revealed that he wanted to go on the reality television show, to which Rachel said she couldn’t really blame him.


“I thought, ‘OK!’ I guess dreams come true! You’re on The Bachelorette, close enough. Good for you, Peter!’ I mean, I can’t judge him for what he wrote at 18. I wouldn’t want people judging me for things I did at 18,” she said.

Then, Rachel was asked how she would feel if Peter was the next Bachelor. And that’s when she pretty much spilled the beans that Peter wasn’t her guy.

“I feel slightly possessive over the men that were on my season. Do I think he’s a great person? He’s obviously handsome, absolutely. All my top four would [be great], but I don’t want to see any of them as the next Bachelor! Let’s pick someone from JoJo [Fletcher’s] season,” Rachel said.


To make things even more clear, Rachel went on to defend Bryan, who has been getting some negative feedback on social media all season long.

“I’m not surprised, because that was my reaction when I first met him. I had my guard up. I questioned it. I haven’t really been paying attention too much to what fans are saying, but I’m not surprised they think that. I just think over time, you fall into feelings the way I did. I gave him a chance, so I feel like they should too,” Rachel said.

Fans of Rachel Lindsay will have to give Bryan Abasolo a chance — because that’s who she is supposedly engaged to.

Have you enjoyed the current season of The Bachelorette? Do you think that Peter Kraus will be the next star of The Bachelor? Do you think that Rachel and Bryan will be happy together? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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