‘Little People, Big World:’ Jacob Roloff Opens Up About Past ‘LPBW’ Feud, Says He Was ‘Stereotypical Teenager’

Retired reality TV star of Little People, Big World fame Jacob Roloff has provided even more details about his controversial exit from the hit TLC series a couple of years ago. While Jacob has proven to be a critic of the Roloff clan over the years, he has since made peace with his family, even stating that his actions in the past made him the “epitome of a stereotypical teenager.”

As mentioned in a Radar Online report, the youngest and arguably most controversial of Matt and Amy Roloff’s children expressed some of his thoughts in his first self-published book, Verbing, which he currently sells on Etsy. Now 20-years-old, Jacob appears to have relinquished much of his teenage angst, reflecting on his past actions with a certain degree of maturity in his writing.

In a lot of ways, Jacob’s book seems to be some form of release for the youngest Roloff child. Fortunately, Jacob is also great at articulating his thoughts. In his discussions on Verbing, Jacob recalled some of the most challenging parts of his childhood, which was documented largely on TV.

“I felt isolated, and due to that, angry.”

One particularly interesting aspect of Jacob’s statements was the revelation that eventually, his relationship with his parents deteriorated so much that he had to see a therapist.

“This led to arguments and miscommunications with family, especially my parents, culminating really in their decision to experiment having me see a therapist.”

Jacob also stated that he eventually spiraled into a pattern of anger and resentment towards his family, which ended up making him a “stereotypical teenager.”

“I will leave you with but a few bullet points of the situations my mental overhaul wreaked: daily encounters with my mom ending with anything but a smile, having little to no relationship with my siblings, locking myself away in my room for all hours of the day, except to relieve myself or to unthankfully grab some food my mom had made. I was truly the epitome of a stereotypical teenager — a description I was given frequently.”

Since his departure from the hit reality TV series, Jacob Roloff has mostly tempered down. Discovering Zen Buddhism, Jacob has become far less temperamental on social media. Quite unlike his old tendencies to engage in Twitter arguments with fans of LPBW, Jacob’s social media feeds are now filled with Zen-related quotes and images instead.

If any, Jacob’s book seems to have provided the 20-year-old with some much-needed catharsis. Now more mature, Jacob appears to have fully embraced his past, and he seems ready to get involved with his family once more.

Jacob’s Instagram page, for one, features numerous videos of Jackson, his brother Zach’s child. Apart from this, his girlfriend, Isabel, has also been included in recently uploaded pictures from Molly Roloff’s bridal shower, as stated in a previous Inquisitr report.

Considering the hit reality TV show’s solid ratings, Little People, Big World is rumored to return for yet another season this coming September.

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