July 18, 2017
Eric Trump Took On Keith Olbermann And The Outcome Wasn't Pretty, Was Olbermann Too Rough On Trump?

It started simply as a Twitter exchange between White House counsel Kellyanne Conway and GQ's Keith Olbermann, but after Olbermann mentioned Eric Trump and the current investigation into his charitable accounting, the younger of the two older Trump sons jumped in to take on Olbermann himself, and he likely now wishes he hadn't. Keith Olbermann, who jokingly referred to Eric Trump as Qusay, as in Qusay Hussein the second son of Saddam Hussein, started toying with Trump in a cat and mouse game, but then went in for the kill and ended up blocked on Twitter.

Eric Trump is the second son of Donald Trump who made the occasional appearance during the 2016 election but was gagged after an appearance on a radio show where he spoke out of turn about former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke. On a radio show in Denver, Eric Trump was asked what he thought about David Duke who had made a public statement saying that he was supporting Eric Trump's father in the presidential election.

"If I said exactly what you said, I'd get killed for it. But I think I'll say it anyway. The guy does deserve a bullet."
But after Eric Trump commented on David Duke, he was put out to pasture in a sense. When the press asked Eric more about David Duke, he responded that he was taking some time off.
"Listen, I'm not talking about any more bullets. I'm not talking about any more bullets. I'm laying low."
And the same impulsivity that Eric Trump showed when talking about David Duke came out again when Keith Olbermann baited him about the St. Jude's children's charity investigation. The Eric Trump/Keith Olbermann Twitter feud started when Kellyanne Conway had posted something about charitable giving that was somewhat confusing, and Keith Olbermann responded with talk of the ongoing investigation into Eric Trump's charitable dealings.
"I understand your confusion. You're thinking of @EricTrump self-dealing charity cash to himself from golf tournaments."
But rather than getting a response from Kellyanne Conway, Eric Trump decided to take Keith Olbermann on (much to Olbermann's amusement).
"You mean the $16.3 million dollars I have raised for dying children (before the age of 33) at a 12% expense ratio. What good have you done?"
But in the post, Eric Trump was admitting that he took a 12 percent fee from the charitable events for himself and the Trump Organization, which was not reported to the donors. As the investigation is ongoing, this was likely not a conversation he should have been having publicly.
"So 12% is what you skimmed/self-dealt back to Trump Org, Sonny? The $1m+ I've donated to St Jude's, Make-A-Wish etc came out of my pocket. Remind everybody again which one of us was taking $1.2m in charity as "payment" for a family golf course?"
Olberman went on to explain for the benefit of Eric Trump and anyone else reading along that charity is something you give when you see people in need or people who have less than you, and you "give them some of yours."

Keith Olbermann then teed up his parting shot referring to his brother Donald Trump, Jr. and their father Donald Trump.

"Lastly, Kid when we put you, your disloyal bro @DonaldJTrumpJr and treasonous @realDonaldTrump in prison we will all have done GREAT good."
After that post, Eric Trump blocked Keith Olbermann, and Olbermann shared the blocked page.
Forbes reported that Eric Trump told donors that all of the money raised at the Eric Trump Foundation's 2014 Golf Invitational went to St. Jude's Hospital when that wasn't quite the truth. But Eric Trump made the statement at the Plaza Hotel in 2014.
"It's really kind of the pinnacle for the Eric Trump Foundation. We just raised an inordinate amount of money, and it all obviously goes to the children of St. Jude."
The charity raised $1.8 million, but St. Jude's received $1.2 million begging the question, what happened to the balance? According to the accounts, $240k went to expenses and $200k went to other organizations which had nothing to do with sick children, but rather ties to other members of the Trump family and their concerns. According to James Fishman, former assistant Attorney General for the state of New York, this constitutes fraud.
"If you are raising money for X, and you give it to Y, that is fraud, even if Y is a charity. If I'm writing a check for somebody, and you give it to somebody else, I mean that is fraudulent."


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New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman claims that it was the report by Forbes that launched the investigation into Eric Trump's charitable foundation.Schneiderman's communications director released a statement clarifying that the investigation had started.

"I can confirm that our office is looking into issues at the Eric Trump Foundation raised by the Forbes report."
Amanda Miller, a spokesperson for Eric Trump, says they are cooperating with the Attorney General and wanted to make it clear that Eric Trump himself had never personally benefitted financially from any of the fundraising.

Do you think Keith Olbermann was too hard on Eric Trump? Is it wrong for Olbermann to call him Qusay?

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