Dallas Cowboy Player’s Dog Held For Ransom: Lucky Whitehead Contacted With Demands For Cash

The kidnapping of an NFL player’s dog might just offer up another worry for celebrities when it comes to what they post on social media. Dallas Cowboy player Lucky Whitehead was out of town when his house was broken into and his beloved puppy, Blitz, was stolen.

According to the New York Daily News, at the time of the break-in, Whitehead’s friend was watching the house for him while he was gone. It is not clear if law enforcement was contacted concerning the break-in at the NFL player’s home.

While Whitehead didn’t report anything else missing besides his dog, in an online post, the NFL player soon learned what the break-in was all about once he was contacted by the person who took his XL Bully puppy. The person or people who are holding Whitehead’s dog have contacted him several times by phone.

The Cowboywire stated that this is no laughing matter, apparently after some people have made jokes online about Whitehead’s dog being held for ransom. Whitehead has not only suffered that horrible feeling of being violated by having his home broken into, but he also is now missing his best friend, Blitz.

According to Whitehead’s post on Instagram, the captors are demanding money for the safe return of his dog, but he never divulged just how much money they are demanding. They are holding the dog for ransom. That post is seen below.

Whitehead doesn’t seem to care about anything else having to do with the break-in, but his dog’s safe return, as the New York Daily News suggests. The Cowboy’s wide receiver mentions nothing else in his Instagram post about the break-in of his home except that his beloved dog, Blitz, was taken.

The post on Instagram went up Sunday and the NFL player writes, “I strongly advise you stop and return my boy safely before it gets any worse.”

In the Instagram post, he also urges anyone who knows the whereabouts of Blitz to contact him immediately. He also asks that if anyone who might be involved in this dog-napping happens to see his post to please contact him.

Like many celebrities, Whitehead celebrated his life with his dog by posting pictures and quips online. It was obvious to anyone who happened upon his posts about Blitz that this NFL player’s dog meant a lot to him.

Back in May, Whitehead even created a personal account for Blitz online. The Instagram account is called Blitz2fast, and it documents Whitehead’s life so far with his beloved pup. The NFL player even had the dog’s picture customized into socks, which are seen below in the Instagram post. It is evident by his posts that this Dallas Cowboy loves his pup.

You can check out the video below where Blitz is decked out in a Batman cape, and it looks like the pup is doing his best to remove it. There are other pictures posted on Instagram where the dog appears to be wearing another superhero logo on a doggie cape — Superman.

Whitehead even has Blitz decked out in a Dallas Cowboy’s shirt, which is seen in the post below. It is not hard for the average person to recognize that this is one loved puppy, which might be what the culprits holding the dog for ransom used in their favor by taking the dog. Seeing how much this dog means to the NFL player might have sparked the evil idea of a ransom.

[Featured Image by yo.eme/Shutterstock]