‘Shameless’ Season 8 Spoilers: Fiona May Have A New Love, But Will Her Family Approve?

Shameless Season 8 is currently filming, but fans are scouring the internet for any all spoilers about what the Gallagher family will be up to next. The Showtime series, which is a huge favorite among fans, will be back for another batch of episodes, but not much information about the upcoming season has been given yet.

However, the Christian Post does reveal that it seems Fiona will have yet another new love interest this season, but this one will be much different from the rest. According to the latest Shameless Season 8 spoilers, Fiona may get into a same-sex relationship. Actress Jessica Szohr has already been cast in the new role of Nessa, and fans are speculating that she may be Fiona’s girlfriend.

During Shameless Season 7 Fiona didn’t really have any relationships. Instead, she engaged in a series of hookups with guys she met on dating apps, one of whom gave her some seriously good financial advice, which she followed. However, Fiona didn’t have a new boyfriend after calling off her wedding to Sean in the Season 6 finale. Now, it seems it’s time for Fiona to get back on the horse, but will her family approve of her possible same-sex relationship?

While Fiona has always been interested in men, she’s never found herself in a relationship with a woman before. Since the Gallagher family already has one gay sibling, Ian, it seems that they would be fine with Fiona choosing to be bisexual. However, they may question her motives, since she’s never showed any interest in dating women before.


Could Fiona’s bad luck with men, and the recent stress of her family life, such as losing her mother Monica, lead to her acting out or rebelling from her normal life? If so, that may explain why she’s be open to dating a woman. However, Shameless fans know that Fiona’s best friend V has been in a relationship with a woman, as she and her husband Kev took on another partner in their marriage in Svetlana. However, that relationship is currently up in the air, and just one of the things that fans want resolved in Season 8.


What are your thoughts on the possibility of Fiona being in a same-sex relationship during Shameless Season 8? Do you think her family will approve?

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