‘Alaskan Bush People’ Update: How Is Ami Brown Doing? ‘ABP’ Family Move To Colorado

Alaskan Bush People fans were once again left disappointed when the latest episode entitled “Unanchored” was yet another rehashed episode with not many new scenes and updates on the Brown family. While fans await more details on Ami Brown’s condition after being diagnosed with lung cancer, many fans are wondering whether or not the family will permanently settle in Colorado.

Ami Brown’s diagnosis was recently revealed on Alaskan Bush People. However, the Discovery Channel series has not provided viewers with enough updates on Ami’s condition following the revelation. Many fans have been concerned over Ami’s health status and several have been sending their well wishes to the family through letters.

Viewers are becoming increasingly impatient, as Alaskan Bush People continues to air rehashed episodes. Many fans are already taking their frustrations out on social media and asking for updates from fans who were able to spot a member of the Brown family as they move to Colorado.

Per TV Insider, the latest episode of Alaskan Bush People showed that the Brown family has decided to move to Colorado to give Ami the care and attention she needs. Billy wasn’t exactly thrilled with the idea of moving away from their home, but Ami thought the place was “breathtaking.”

This made a lot of fans wonder whether the Brown family will permanently move to Colorado, as Ami’s condition still hasn’t improved. Latest updates on the APB reality star reveal that several members of the Brown family were spotted in California, which means that Ami is still undergoing treatment for her cancer.

The publication further notes that the Brown family’s move to Colorado is only a temporary one, and the family will once again move back to California for Ami’s treatments at UCLA. Ami’s diagnosis is also being cited as the reason behind the rehashed episodes for Alaskan Bush People.

According to the outlet, Alaskan Bush People was forced to air several rehashed episodes because they had to feature scenes in real time rather than airing scenes filmed months prior. This was done so that viewers will find out the latest on Ami’s condition, but it looks like the production team behind the Discovery Channel reality series is having a hard time catching up.

What are your thoughts on the latest episode of Alaskan Bush People?

[Featured Image by Discovery Channel]