‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Update On Steve Burton, Billy Miller Contracts And Roles

General Hospital spoilers say that fan favorite Steve Burton is returning to the daytime soap. General Hospital sources have confirmed that Burton has signed a long-term contract to return to GH. It is also expected that Billy Miller will sign a new contract. According to sources, Miller is negotiating with producers of the soap to remain on GH. The suggestion that Miller is staying appears to confirm rumors that there will be “two Jason Morgans.”

After General Hospital sources confirmed Burton’s return, ABC and inside sources began dropping tantalizing hints about the role he will play. ABC released a teaser promo last month that confirmed the Daytime Emmy winner will return to Port Charles, but did not address questions about his role.

Questions about Burton’s role immediately sparked wild speculation among fans because there were no hints at the time about the role he will play. Burton first came to prominence on GH for his portrayal of the rich kid-turned hoodlum and assassin Jason Morgan, a role that three-time Daytime Emmy winner Billy Miller, formerly of CBS’s The Young and the Restless, has been playing since 2014.

The fact that Billy Miller is currently playing as Jason Morgan led some fans to begin speculating that Burton will return as the real Jason and that Miller is only a twin. The idea that Burton will return as the real Jason was actually sparked by a post to social media by Daytime Confidential’s Jamey Giddens which included an image showing Burton and Miller side-by-side, with the caption, “twins.”


Jamey Gidden’s tweet immediately sparked speculation that there will be “two Jasons.” Some suggested that there will be a real and a fake Jason, while others speculated that a long-lost twin of Jason will surface in Port Charles.
Many ardent fans, however, suspected that the second scenario where a long-lost twin of Jason surfaces was more likely.

Although a plot twist that introduces Burton as the real Jason and Miller as a twin will be creatively challenging for writers, it will not come as a surprise if GH decided to go that route. Soaps, especially General Hospital, are notorious for torturous plots twists.

Regardless, GH sources have confirmed that Burton is returning and the news is causing excitement among fans of the ABC soap.


Meanwhile, Burton and Miller are being characteristically discreet about the matter and have not yet made any public statements, although it is very likely that Burton already knows the role he will play.

It is expected that Burton will make as statement on Facebook shortly. He had hinted his return soon after his Daytime Emmy win last April for his role as Dylan McAvoy on The Young and the Restless.

While it is very likely that Burton already knows the role he will play, it is unlikely that he will talk about it when he makes his statement on Facebook.

“I can’t say anything,” the actor answered when asked about his role, according to Celebrity Dirty Laundry.

However, he promised fans “a lot of surprises.”

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