‘The Bachelorette’: Dean Unglert Described Dad As ‘Eccentric,’ But Why? [Photos]

The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay is about to go on hometown dates. That means Dean Unglert will be introducing her to his father who he described as “eccentric.” What could he have been referring to? It’s definitely not his religious affiliation Dean was referring to, but just dad being dad.

Dean Unglert will be taking Rachel to meet his family on the next episode of The Bachelorette. As fans will recall, his mother passed away from cancer when he was young. He lost her in 2006 when he would have been 14. He has three siblings, a sister named Skye and two brothers, Ross and Brad. Their dad is Harold “Chip” Unglert. Sounds very “nuclear” so far, right? And the rest of the story is as follows. If you aren’t ready for a preview of Dean’s dad, stop reading now.

A little research brought up some information on Daddy Unglert, who now goes by the name Paramroop S. Khahsa. According to Bustle, his LinkedIn account states he is employed as a yoga instructor in Carbondale, Colorado. His Facebook, however, states that he is a monk with Adi Shakti Ashrym which is a Kundalini yoga retreat. According to his company bio, he is a serva dar but studying to become a teacher.

When Dean Unglert had used the word “eccentric” to describe his father, some saw it as an insulting comment about his father’s religion. He apologized on social media for the miscommunication, because he meant that his father was an eccentric person in general. He is not ashamed of his father and supports him in living his life the way he chooses, so it was not meant as a derogatory statement.

Previews for Dean’s hometown date with The Bachelorette show that Rachel will be surprised. Dean’s father wears a turban and has a lot of facial hair. Beyond his appearance, during their visit, things don’t go smoothly between father and son. That too sounds like dad being dad because he is yelling at his son about continuing to live in the past, rather than the present. All of this explains what Dean wasn’t saying when he was hesitant to open up about his father. Rachel will have to consider how well she may or may not fit into this family dynamic.

[Featured Image by ABC]