Aaron Carter Arrested On Charges Of Drug Possession, DUI

Aaron Carter has been arrested while in Georgia. Hollywood Life shared the news about what happened to the singer. This all went down on July 15. The new report says that he was picked up on charges of marijuana possession and driving under the influence.

Aaron Carter’s girlfriend was allegedly in the car with him as well, but so far she hasn’t been identified. She was also arrested for having marijuana in the car at the same time as Aaron. It turns out that a few hours before this Aaron said he was dealing with “transportation issues.” He was supposed to be performing in Kansas City and didn’t end up making it to the show because of this issue. He apologized and said he hopes to perform in the area again soon. It is very possible that the arrest might have already happened, and that is why he didn’t make the show. At this time, Aaron isn’t saying anything about the arrest.

The past few months have been really difficult for Aaron Carter. On June 22, Aaron ended up in the hospital for a few days and was even in a wheelchair. At the time, he hinted that it had to do with exhaustion, but didn’t say what was going on to fans. He simply told the fans that he would recover from whatever was going on.

Another thing that has been going on with Aaron Carter is that he has been really upset over shaming that has been coming from fans. People have been giving him a hard time on social networks, and someone even said that he looks like he has cancer. This actually really upset Aaron.


Nick and Aaron Carter just had to deal with the death of their father as well. Aaron has been out on tour since then and Nick has been on the show Boy Band on ABC. This has been a really rough last few months for Aaron, and this arrest just adds to everything that the singer has been dealing with lately.


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[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]