‘The Walking Dead’ And ‘Fargo’ Creators Teaming Up For Powerful New Series

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman is about to join forces with another super-creator in town, Noah Hawley (Fargo), to produce an all-new mind-blowing series on the cable network FX. For those who are unaware, both Kirkman and Hawley are responsible for cable TV’s most powerful dramas currently running.

Just to give you a few basics for both producers, Robert Kirkman is the man that is ultimately responsible for the creation of The Walking Dead, which started as a comic book series and eventually morphed into a powerhouse TV drama on AMC following a team-up with legendary film director Frank Darabont back in 2010. Noah Hawley, on the other hand, is a TV producer who has taken a major staple from the Coen brothers’ film library, Fargo, and turned it into a major critical success story over on FX, pulling from the modus operandi of the original Coen brothers film and using it as a guide for the progression of the show on FX.

Now for the two producers of Fargo and The Walking Dead to join forces on a new television series on FX, the sky is the limit for just how far it could reach. Robert Kirkman and Noah Hawley have both proven that they have what it takes to make compelling television and attract viewers.

The new project, as reported by the Hollywood Reporter, is slated to debut on FX, which is a departure from Kirkman’s normal home over on AMC with The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead.

FX is well known for its high-profile projects as well, which includes American Horror Story, Sons of Anarchy, and Fargo. So the talents of The Walking Dead creator will be welcomed and encouraged there.

Robert Kirkman and Noah Hawley will be developing a TV show titled The Mastermind. The show is based off a series of novels by Evan Ratliff that focuses on investigative stories, but the plot of the TV show has not been revealed yet so we know nothing of how close it will stay to the source material.

With the overwhelming success that Kirkman and Hawley have seen with The Walking Dead and Fargo, there is no doubt that The Mastermind will follow suit in their legendary footsteps.

[Featured Image by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for AMC]