'Big Brother 19' Rumors: Will Production Punish Cast For Rule Violations, Christmas Abbott For Leaving?

Big Brother 19 rumors present an interesting dichotomy between fans of the show right now. Social media is experiencing a lot of complaining from fans about the BB19 cast, including perceived violations of show rules on a regular basis. It has become exceptionally prevalent on the CBS live feeds, where subscribers are watching the houseguests routinely break one of the big rules production put in place.

One of the main rules that production put in place was for the cast members to be awake between the hours of 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. This is to ensure that people who are paying to watch the feeds don't have to wait around while houseguests sleep in late and nap for a majority of the day. It hasn't worked out very well, as the houseguests are regularly violating those house rules, with Saturday morning (July 15) being particularly egregious. It has also become difficult to get the cast members to actually leave the lights on in their rooms.

There are additional Big Brother 19 rumors as well, as fans continue to complain about the special treatment that Christmas Abbott is receiving from production. While the producers have tried hard to impress upon viewers that they aren't altering competitions to help Christmas during her injury recovery, they also aren't requiring that she stay in the house or compete in everything. Some viewers feel it is an advantage to get out of the BB19 house, no matter what the reasoning might be in this case.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Alex Ow took over as the Head of Household and additional Big Brother 19 spoilers explain how she nominated Jessica Graf and Dominique Cooper for eviction. The house has even played out the Week 3 Veto, giving a lot of new information to those fans watching the live feeds. A view of the HOH room on Saturday presented Alex refusing to get out of bed, though, despite repeated and stern warnings from the producers over the house intercoms. It's a common problem in the house. Now what?After roughly 86 minutes of warnings and urgings, production called Alex Ow to the Diary Room. Was this to issue a more stern warning? Was it to threaten punishments if the houseguests don't start following the rules? Maybe it was just to film a segment before the Veto Ceremony takes place later this afternoon? No matter the reason, it has created a lot of additional Big Brother 19 rumors, with many paying subscribers hoping that production is going to actually start enforcing all of the rules of this reality competition show.

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