Jenni Rivera Crash Site Looted By Corrupt Police Officers

Two Mexican police officers have been taken into custody for stealing items from Jenni Rivera’s plane crash site.

Today has been a sad day for Jenni Rivera’s friends and family, as it was confirmed earlier that the popular Latin singer did indeed pass away in the plane crash that occurred last weekend. Now, corruption has risen among authorities involved in the crash’s investigation. TMZ reports that two police officers have been arrested for stealing items from the crash site.

Government officials say that at least one of the officers in custody is suspected of leaking images of the crash site to the media, including pictures of body remains and personal documents recovered from the site.

Officials have searched the homes of the two suspected cops, finding multiple items that belonged to the deceased on the plane. One cop is 23-years-old, while the other is 24.

A rep for the Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles, California, said “We have over 2,000,000 police officers [in Mexico], and unfortunately some of these officers have been corrupt in the past, but we cannot generalize that the whole force is corrupt,” of the arrests.

“Mexico has been working very hard to make their citizens and tourists safe, however it is not fair to judge the whole tree based upon a few bad apples,” the rep adds.

Jenni Rivera is still being mourned by her family and millions of fans. Family members have not yet released a statement regarding the death of Rivera, who is survived by five children and two grandchildren. She was unmarried at the time of her death.