New ‘Doctor Who’ Time Lord Set To Debut After Wimbledon Finals; 13 Possibly A Former Companion?

The new Doctor will finally be revealed this Sunday and fans are getting excited about the Time Lord’s new appearance. But is it possible that a familiar face will be introduced as 13 in Doctor Who?

There have long been speculations that a woman is set to take over when Peter Capaldi exits from the BBC series. Interestingly, some believe that a fan favorite will be brought back to be the new Doctor. Will a former companion eventually become the new face of Doctor Who?

Fans have already been wondering when the new Doctor will be introduced. Luckily, a new teaser for Doctor Who confirms that 13 will be announced right after the men’s Wimbledon finals on July 16. The video features the number across several landscapes, undoubtedly causing goose bumps for viewers.

There are only a few days to wait before the announcement is made yet fans continue speculating on the identity of 13. Some still believe that it is finally time that the Doctor will regenerate as a woman, especially since the Master has recently returned as Missy.

The idea of Doctor Who finally bringing in a female actor to take on the iconic role is certainly a welcome one for most fans. But is there any possibility that 13 might actually be a former companion?

Some believe that it is time for Catherine Tate to return in Doctor Who after her short stint as 10’s companion Donna Noble. After all, Donna appeared to be a truly formidable companion to the Doctor even if she only appeared in one season. Donna continues to be a fan favorite, with people believing she has what it takes to be the Doctor.

Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) might return as 13 in 'Doctor Who'. [Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]

If Catherine Tate does turn out to be 13, it will not be the first time that an actor who had previously appeared in Doctor Who would be brought back to play the Time Lord. Peter Capaldi has already been featured in the Pompeii episode before he returned as 12. Perhaps it is finally time that the Doctor comes back as one of the strongest females that the show has ever had.

Pearl Mackie and Peter Capaldi will not be returning in 'Doctor Who'. [Image by Tabatha Fireman/Getty Images]

The reveal of the new Doctor Who Time Lord will take place right after the Wimbledon finals on BBC One on July 16.

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