Storage Wars: Some Cast Members Allegedly Wanted Producers To Keep ‘Faking’ The Show

At least two Storage Wars cast members urged producer’s to keep “faking” the finds in the lockers, if a Radar Online source claims are accurate. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Dave Hester filed a lawsuit against the show’s production company and A&E for allegedly rigging the finds inside the lockers featured in the hit reality show.

Hester’s multi-million dollar lawsuit claims that show staffer planted items for the reality show cast members to find insider the lockers. The A&E star maintains he was fired after he confronted Storage Wars executives for allegedly faking the finds and demanded to be indemnified against any claims which could come as a result of the supposed dishonest practice, ABC News notes.

The source had this to say about some cast members alleged desire to keep stacking the lockers on Storage Wars with outside goods:

“In one meeting with executives Brandi [Passante] and Jarrod [Schulz] stood up and said they wanted the show to keep salting their lockers. But Brandi and Jarrod were all for it. They said they were even in favor of more salting.”

Another source claiming to be close to the show alleges the emails and receipts exist to prove that cast members were instructed to bring their most intriguing items to put inside the lockers to “find” on-camera. The source also maintains that the receipts were reimbursements for items some of the reality show cast member’s already owned or purchased to place inside the storage lockers.

A&E is not commenting about Dave Hester’s lawsuit but has so far not wavered from an earlier statement that Storage Wars is not rigged.