‘Little People, Big World’ Star Audrey Roloff Shares Lavender Uses: Why Some Pregnant Women Should Avoid it

Audrey Roloff is in love with lavender. The Little People, Big World star has discovered over half a dozen ways to use lavender in her life, but fans of floral scents and essential oils need to be be careful about incorporating the popular plant into their daily routine.

On July 14, Audrey Roloff shared a new photo of her baby bump on Instagram. She was wearing a black, off-the-shoulder dress with a summery floral print, and she was busy creating the perfect accessory for her look: a lavender bouquet. According to the mom-to-be, who is currently 33 weeks pregnant, she was picking a big bunch of the plants with delicate purple flowers because she likes displaying lavender in the new home that she and her husband, Jeremy Roloff, recently moved into. In addition to looking pretty, lavender also has a sweet, fresh scent that many find pleasant and relaxing. However, Audrey doesn’t just use lavender as a decoration that doubles as a natural air freshener.

Audrey Roloff says that she treats bug bites and sunburns with lavender, and she diffuses lavender oil at night. She also spritzes it on her pillow, and she even drinks lavender lemonade. Additionally, the Little People, Big World star writes that she rubs it on her baby bump, but she doesn’t explain why she does this.


It’s possible that Audrey Roloff got the idea from Destiney Mueller, the wife of Jacob Mueller. Jacob is a friend of the Roloff family who has occasionally appeared on Little People, Big World, and he and Destiney are currently expecting their third child. Back in March, Destiney shared an Instagram post in praise of various essential oils, including lavender. She revealed that she was rubbing it on her stomach to prevent preterm labor. Audrey responded to her post with a clapping hands emoji and a raised hands emoji.


According to CafeMom, professional labor doula and clinical herbalist Kristi Beguin agrees that lavender “can prevent early labor,” but Jill Edwards, N.D., an Oregon doctor of naturopathic medicine, tells Fit Pregnancy that pregnant women should avoid using all essential oils during their first trimester because they can “cause uterine contractions or adversely affect your baby in his early developmental stages.” Some essential oils, including lavender, are safe to use during the later stages of pregnancy. However, there are a number of essential oils that are potentially harmful no matter when they are used, so it’s important to consultant with a physician before rubbing them on the body, putting them in a diffuser, or spraying them on a pillow like Audrey Roloff does.

Essential lavender oil should never be rubbed on the skin undiluted, and The Atlantic reports that lavender is an allergen that can cause skin irritation in some people. However, pregnant women who aren’t sensitive to lavender can use it in spray form or place it in a diffuser to help them relax and get a good night’s sleep, reports EmaxHealth. It may also soothe the aches and pains that come with pregnancy when rubbed on the body.

Here’s one last warning about essential oils: They should never be ingested, so don’t try to make Audrey Roloff’s floral-flavored lemonade by putting essential lavender oil in the citrus drink. Instead, make it the Martha Stewart way by using boiled dried lavender.

[Featured Image by Audrey Roloff/Facebook]