McGregor Uses More Controversial Racial Comments During Four-City Press Tour

Mike StobeGetty Images

The four-city press tour for the Mayweather-McGregor fight has reached its final day of promotion, but in yesterdays event, McGregor continued holding no punches with his insults towards Floyd.

During Wednesday’s event in Toronto, McGregor was heavily accused of being a racist after saying to Floyd “dance for me boy.”

Well, Conor wasted no time during Thursday’s stop in Brooklyn to speak about the above matter. McGregor however, began addressing Floyd by quoting lyrics from the late Notorious B.I.G. while insulting “Money May” and longtime pal 50 Cent.

He calls out 50 for filing for bankruptcy and claims Floyd will be next. He then quotes some of 50’s lyrics by switching the words around to insult him furthermore.

Conor then tells Floyd to go and buy Jay-Z’s new 4:44 album and learn how to build and maintain a real empire, according to TMZ. He ends the whole hip-hop analogy segment by quoting one of Jay’s songs.

“And when you’re done with it send it off to 50. And when you do, tell em’ Blanco sent ya!”

McGregor then addressed the race issue. He tells the crowd that he is not against black people, and the media’s allegations are ridiculous. He then jokingly states that the media must also be unaware that he is “half black from the belly button down.”

After that, he gives what he called a “little present” to his “beautiful black female fans” by doing a short dance for them. Mayweather’s camp seemed to be a little amused over his actions.

Floyd himself pulled his camera out to record Conor during his performance while standing by his side for a selfie, as well, just before going out and delivering his own segment of insults.


Money May got off to his usual antics by pumping up the crowd with music and flashing his wealth to McGregor by going into his book bag and throwing a whole bunch of money at him.

He then thanks UFC President Dana White and tells him he’s done a “remarkable job.” After that, he proceeds to call Conor nothing but a “circus clown” and then tells a member of his crew to physically approach him to intimidate the fighter.


Both sides then had to be broken up to prevent anything physical from happening on stage. The event ended, of course, with the two fighters facing off for the media.

[Featured Image by Mike Stobe/Getty Images]