Jinger Duggar Sparks New Birth Control Rumors, Gains Some Fans' Respect

The Duggar family is known for their ability to procreate. With patriarch and matriarch Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar having 19 kids so far, it is no wonder that some of the couple's kids began having big families of their own immediately after marriage. Everyone, that is, except Jinger Duggar Vuolo. Married since November of 2016 to soccer player-turned-preacher Jeremy Vuolo, the sixth Duggar child has yet to announce a pregnancy.

That is a full eight months without any announcement that a baby is on the way. Now, this might not be that much of a big deal for conventional couples, but Jinger and Jeremy are anything but conventional. Jinger, for one, has been raised in Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's home, where girls are largely conditioned to make as many babies as physically possible.

Despite this, however, Jinger and Jeremy have not announced the impending arrival of a child at all. If any, the young couple appears to be enjoying their married life the way it currently is. The couple's social media accounts, for example, feature numerous pictures of Jinger and Jeremy in the outdoors, shooting guns, playing soccer, and generally just having fun.

Considering Jinger's background, however, speculations have recently emerged stating that the Duggar daughter is probably actively avoiding pregnancy through birth control methods, according to a recent Hollywood Gossip report. These rumors primarily stem from the fact that among all the 19 Duggar siblings, Jinger is the one who could be considered the black sheep of the family.

The Duggars are extremely religious and conservative, so much so that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar actively forbid their daughters to wear pants. This means that while growing up, Jinger has worn a skirt every single day in order to conform to her family's strict religious beliefs.

Since marrying Jeremy, however, Jinger's tendency to break out of the conventional Duggar mold has emerged in full form. She and husband Jeremy moved to Texas, away from her parents in Arkansas. Apart from this, it did not take long before the Duggar daughter and her husband began filling their social media accounts with photos of Jinger wearing pants and shorts.

Jinger's rather rebellious streak has resonated a lot with the Duggar family's fans and social media followers, with many lauding the young lady for her independence and her desire to expand her worldly experience. Thus, the recent rumors suggesting that Jinger Duggar Vuolo is on birth control have been received extremely well by netizens.

In the comments section of the recent Hollywood Gossip article alone, dozens of people have expressed their approval of Jinger's decision to not get pregnant immediately after her marriage. One particular individual summarized the community's overall reaction to the premise of Jinger using birth control, stating that the young couple is doing the right thing by not getting pregnant as soon as she was married.

"I love that she is able to enjoy married life without getting pregnant the first 20 minutes of her marriage. Whatever the status bc (sic) or not it is not our business. Those kids have been raising their siblings their whole lives. Just happy that she gets to enjoy her independence and her marriage for a while before adding kids to the mix."
Jinger and her husband are featured on the 19 Kids and Counting spin-off series Counting On, which airs every Monday night on TLC.

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