Jesus Christ Booted From Darts Game By Sports Officials

Minehead, England – A sports fan was evicted from a game for looking too much like Jesus. According to The Sun, bearded Nathan Grindal was minding his own business while watching a darts tournament when suddenly the drunken crowd recognized his uncanny resemblance to the stereotypical renditions of deity, which led to the Jesus look-alike being kicked out. This incident gives a new meaning to WWJD.

Darts champs Phil Taylor and Kim Huybrechts were competing at the live televised Cash Converters Players’ Championship. Nathan Grindal was just one among the 4,500 strong crowd. Apparently the booze had been flowing a little too freely since someone thought it’d be funny to point out Grindal’s resemblance to the messiah.

Reportedly, “chants of ‘Jesus’ quickly spread through the rowdy crowd” and before Grindal knew it six bouncers were escorting the Jesus look-alike from the building. As he was forced to leave a new chant of “stand up if you love Jesus” broke out, with many leaping to their feet.

Dave Allen, spokesman for the Professional Darts Corporation, told The Sun ‘Jesus’ was kicked out to prevent his presence from distracting the players:

“There was a lot of chanting of Jesus and I think to avoid it becoming too much of a distraction for the players he was taken by security to another part of the complex. There is plenty of audience participation. They are encouraged to support the players within certain boundaries. The fact they can buy four-pint pitchers certainly helps.”

Australia native Nathan Grindal told The Sun the whole experience was very upsetting and that he’d had no intention of distracting from the darts tournament:

“I didn’t go to the darts dressed as Jesus – I went as me. It was all very weird and distressing. I didn’t break down crying but I did get emotionally distraught. They were bullying me and picking on me, saying that I was someone else. It would have been okay if the security hadn’t made a fuss getting me out of the arena.”

According to the Australian Times, several audience members came up to Nathan Grindal after the show to request photos and autographs:

“I signed a few pieces of paper – but in my real name, not Jesus.”

While Grindal was kicked out for looking too much like Jesus, other people were certainly not acting very Christ-like although it do not approach the level of sports hooligans. Grindal was able to watch the rest of the tournament from the safety of bar featuring a television. From there, he heard Phil Taylor say in a post-match interview: “If I ever see Jesus again, I’ll crucify him myself.” WWJD, indeed?