Did ‘Deadliest Catch’ Captain Sig Hansen Have Symptoms Of Another Heart Attack While On The Northwestern?

Most people would think that Deadliest Catch Captain Sig Hansen may have reconsidered returning to the Bering Sea after the recent cornucopia of events in his life.

Most thought that after Sig’s serious heart attack last season, he would return as a half time captain — at most. Then, there was the news that he was to become a grandfather for the first time, announced right before he was headed out to sea. Sig expressed his wish to one day fish with his grandchild, something he was never able to do with his own grandfather.

Yet, nothing appeared to steer Captain Sig Hansen of the F/V Northwestern to dry land, or let the other capable members of his family and crew take over and fish for crab. Even the fact that this is Season 13 of the Deadliest Catch, the superstitious sea captain should have stayed far away from the waters of the Bering Sea. But instead, Sig wanted to keep fishing. But has he done so at a price?

In the most recent episode of the Deadliest Catch, Sig experienced more than a rough storm. After fishing in icy waters, with nary a good pot of crab to show for their unpleasant work, he had chest pains!

Then Sig called his wife June, and told her the news she dreaded to hear.

“I have muscle pain and I have rib pain on the back side.”

Then he added, “I don’t know if I have it again.”

Sig then took a “nitro” pill. This is nitroglycerin, commonly used for heart attack patients who experience chest pains, just as Sig had. The captain then spoke to the cameras, and let them know he was not feeling all right!

“I was feeling pain… I’m feeling all tight and painful. It’s f***ing freaking me out. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

Fans will need to wait until next week to see what happens next. Thankfully, Sig posts a lot on social media, and we already know that Captain Sig has walked Mandy down the aisle, and has held his grandson, Jaxsen. He is going to be alright, but we don’t know if he had another heart attack or was hospitalized again.


The F/V Saga had their own set of pains, perhaps hinted at in the beginning of the season, with words between Sig and Jake.

At the beginning of Deadliest Catch Season 13, former F/V Northwestern crew member Jake Anderson got some help from Sig, with some good fishing pots. Jake was disappointed in the few crabs that they did end up with, and let Sig know this, when he checked back with Jake.

Then, Jake asked Sig if he was playing a trick on him. This angered Sig to no end. He was helping the freshman captain out. This was good fishing, and he was angry at the insinuation that Jake made. That was it for Sig!

So, is it any surprise to Deadliest Catch viewers that Captain Jake Anderson, of the F/V Saga, is having huge problems containing his crew, when he cannot even be appreciative to those who are kind to him?

While still a member of the crew on the F/V Northwestern, Jake was chomping at the bit to become captain. When Elliot Neese was let go from the F/V Saga, Jake signed on as captain. Yet, it has been clear that Jake lacked the experience and leadership that only years of fishing could give him.

This week, Jake was battling the storms, and the fishing was not great. His crew was visibly exhausted from the grind. Deck hand Dean Gribble suggested to the captain that the crew needed a break. Some food and time away was going to do them a world of good.

When Gribble approached Jake, two two battled it out, like they had earlier in the season. Jake told the cameras, “He went too far.”

But, Gribble was heard saying, “Get me on a real boat with a real captain. Jake’s response was explosive. He told the deck hand he was a “cancer,” and swore at him to “get out!” Gribble tried to enter the wheelhouse instead of his cabin, and Jake threatened to call the Coast Guard. He fired Gribble on the spot and sped off to St. Paul, instead of seeking more crab.

Meanwhile, Captain Keith Colburn of the F/V Wizard was really in a very dangerous situation: he lost air controls. He could not steer his boat, and they were stuck, “dead in the water.” Thanks to his experienced crew, his engineer saved the day, and soon they were out fishing — although it was too bad he had not followed Captain Johnathan Hillstrand’s suggestion to head out near Russia.

Right now, Captain Johnathan is fulfilling his wish of ending his run as captain in a “blaze of glory.” The F/V Time Bandit captain, who is retiring after this season, made a record haul. But a phone call to Captain Andy back home revealed that they had to leave the good fishing and quick! A huge storm was headed his way and this was a dangerous situation.

What are your thoughts on Season 13 of the Deadliest Catch? Do you think Jake Anderson acted appropriately? Do you think that Captain Johnathan should have told Keith to head over to Russia? Share your thoughts and opinions below!

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