Collector Car Appreciation Day — Here’s How To Celebrate

July 14 is Collector Car Appreciation Day (CCAD) and there are plenty of ways to celebrate. Founded by the Sema Action Network (SAN), Collector Car Appreciation Day is a time to focus on automotive collection and restoration. The observance is recognized on the second Friday in July and this year’s celebration is the eighth annual for the holiday. Those who collect cars often meet together in honor of their hobby, but there are many ways to celebrate. Simply taking your collector car for a spin is the simplest way to create awareness and enjoy the beauty of classic, antique, and collector cars.

Those who want to attend an event may find information on local gatherings at the official SEMA Action Network site. Collector cars are appreciated by people of all ages and they are a great hobby that appeals to multiple generations. Just taking your collector car cruising creates awareness and helps those in your community witness vintage cars in all their beauty first hand. Children and teens are likely to remember seeing classic cars drive by and many are inspired to learn more about the cars that they rarely see on the road.

If you don’t live in an area with a local car club, you might want to create your own. Collector Car Appreciation Day is the perfect opportunity for issuing the call to other hobbyists and networking. As many people who own collector cars enjoy the process of restoration and rebuilding their car, connecting with other people who share the same hobby provides many benefits. There are many car clubs that should be able to connect you with other people in your area.

It’s not uncommon for auto-related businesses to recognize Collector Car Appreciation Day and offer sales or discounts in recognition of the holiday. Check with local businesses and see if they have anything planned for the day. Collector Car Appreciation Day not only honors the great vehicles of the past but also recognizes the importance of automobiles in today’s modern times. The holiday celebrates the vast history of collector cars and automobiles in general.

Are you going to celebrate Collector Car Appreciation Day? Will you go cruising, or do you have another way to celebrate planned? Feel free to leave your comments and opinions below.

[Featured Image by Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock]