Disneyland Will Charge You More To Ride New Star Wars Land Attractions — Kind Of, Mayb,.

Disneyland will charge customers extra to ride attractions in the upcoming Star Wars Land, currently being built. OK, that’s not exactly true; more like, Disneyland is currently implementing a system that may result in such long lines at Star Wars Land attractions that the only you can enjoy them is to pay extra money.

Confused? You won’t be after the Inquisitr helps you make sense of it all.

As Yahoo News reports, Disneyland, and its Florida counterpart, Walt Disney World, are both working on Star Wars Lands of their own. However, you already knew that. Disneyland, being considerably smaller than its Florida cousin, gets extremely crowded and stays that way, resulting in long lines. However, you already knew that too. To help manage wait times at popular attractions, parks on both coasts use a system called FastPass, that allows guests to ride attractions, with a shorter wait time, at specific times. However, you already knew that too.

What you maybe didn’t know is that Disneyland is in the process of implementing a system called “MaxPass,” which basically allows guests to reserve FastPasses even further ahead of time. It’s considered an “add-on” to your park tickets, and costs an additional $10 per day, per ticket.

The problem, if you haven’t already figured it out, is that the lines for the Star Wars Land attractions are going to be mad long – like, hours long. And with the MaxPass system coming into effect, that puts those who don’t pay the extra fee at a distinct disadvantage. The result is that those who don’t purchase MaxPass won’t be able to ride Star Wars Land attractions without long waits.

Before you despair of ever being able to ride Star Wars Land attractions without a five-hour wait time, keep in mind that there are ways to beat the crowds at Disneyland. Try to go on a weekday during school season — you’ll find fewer locals and fewer tourists. Get to the park early — like, half an hour before posted park opening — and head straight to the biggest attractions.

Or, conversely, you can just wait a few years, and once the hoopla surrounding Star Wars Land has died down, try to catch it when everyone else has moved on to other things.

Do you think charging guests extra money to be able to visit Star Wars Land attractions at Disneyland is fair? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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