Hunger Games Reality TV Show Heading To CW


Are you ready to see tributes (reality stars) kill each other for your enjoyment? A new Hunger Games reality show is heading to the CW next year.

But don’t worry, no one will be murdered on the show.

According to, the new Hunger Games TV show, called The Hunt, will be a mix between the wildly popular movie and the popular reality show Survivor.

Twelve contestants will be dropped off into the wild without food or shelter. The contestants will be divided into teams of two and they will try to “capture” one another. It’s unclear what the CW exactly means by “capture” but let’s hope it involves non-fatal bow and arrows.

The CW writes:

“The Hunt is an intense wilderness competition taking place over one month, as 12 teams of two are provided no food, water, or shelter, but must compete in a game where they’ll rely on their physicality, survival skills, and hunting skills to endure their conditions, capture one another, and ultimately win a huge cash prize.”

A premiere date hasn’t been set yet but The Hunger games TV show will air on the CW sometime next year.

Do you think The Hunt sounds like a Hunger Games reality show?