There Will Be Trouble In Paradise On ‘Little Women LA: Couples Retreat’

Fans of the Little Women franchise are very aware of the major drama that exists on every show. From the original series, Little Women: LA to the newest spinoff, Little Women: Dallas, the women not only have problems getting along with each other, but there are several who are finding that their relationship with their significant other is spiraling out of control. Little Women LA: Couples Retreat will follow several cast members as they attempt to not just improve their relationships, but to better themselves as well.

Reality Tea shared that three couples from Little Women: LA will be featured. Briana and Matt, Tonya and Kerwin, and Christy and Todd will be joined by Atlanta’s Tiny Twinz Andrea and Amanda, along with their boyfriends Chris and Jordan. New York’s Lila and Brian will be a part of the show, along with New York’s Jazim and David.

Each couple will arrive with their own unique set of relationship problems and issues. For example, Briana and Matt have one of the most volatile and dysfunctional relationships of any of the couples, and at times it is painful to watch these two interact. Despite Matt’s actions, Briana is determined to stay with him, and because of her decisions, she is often forced to turn her back on those that care about her.

She obviously does not want to hear or believe what she is being told by anyone. Perhaps the retreat will help both of them to make the changes that are necessary if their relationship is to survive. Unfortunately, based on the couple’s history, fans of Little Women: LA aren’t holding out much hope for the pair.

According to Red Carpet Crash, the couples will be meeting up at an island resort retreat where relationship guide, Hasani Pettiford, will work with the couples as they participate in what are described as “adventurous excursions” that push each of them out of their comfort zones and force them to confront their issues. A short, sneak-peek clip shows the couples enjoying their time in paradise, but as the couples delve deeper into their relationships, some will reach their breaking point while others can work through their various problems.

Will you be checking out this new series? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. Little Women LA: Couples Retreat will premiere on Wednesday, July 26 at 9 p.m. ET on the Lifetime Channel.

[Featured Image by Lifetime Channel]