Blac Chyna And Rob Kardashian: Chyna Holds Super-Expensive Jewelry Hostage

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are taking no prisoners in their feud, and this time it seems the latest casualty is several hundred thousand dollars worth of jewelry.

The messy situation between the pair started off when Rob Kardashian received a video of Blac Chyna kissing another man. The famous sock designer then went off on his former partner, claiming that she had been bringing men in and out of the house they share and doing drugs and drinking. He also claimed he had paid over $100,000 for her to have plastic surgery to restore her body to the way it was before she had their baby–and posted photos of her naked body, without her consent, for proof.

After the tirade, Blac Chyna was granted a restraining order against her ex, but they are still hashing out some details in the jewelry department.

According to insiders, Rob Kardashian brought over seven pieces of very expensive jewelry for Blac Chyna to choose from. She was supposed to keep one as a gift, and the jewelry altogether cost around $250,000.

Although Blac Chyna was supposed to return the rest of the items to the jeweler, she decided to keep a ring and three tennis bracelets. As a final slap in the face, she allegedly wore the tennis bracelet set to her hearing to be granted a restraining order against her ex.

Blac Chyna’s attorney, Lisa Bloom, says that the jewelry was a gift from Rob Kardashian and that Chyna has every right to keep the items given to her. According to Bloom, all seven items were a gift to Chyna, and she had returned four of the items in good faith.

However, sources close to the Kardashian clan say that Blac Chyna has been contacted by the jeweler numerous times and she has yet to respond to the request to return the rest of the items.

Those close to Rob Kardashian also state that Blac Chyna tried to charge Rob’s credit card for the rest of the items she chose to keep, but it was flagged immediately.

Rob and Chyna are parents to an infant daughter, Dream, and the pair have both threatened to have her taken away from each other. However, they have legally agreed to a 50/50 custody split for the time being.

[Featured Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]