11 People In The Entertainment Business Talk About Their Favorite TV Shows In 2017

These days, movie theaters are no longer where the most creative or groundbreaking content goes automatically. Thanks to new content providers like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and Seeso, there is a seemingly-endless number of shows to watch on your television, beyond all of the greatness available from broadcast and cable networks. In turn, the problem is not only figuring out what to watch within your limited free time but keeping up with all the new series.

To make things a little easier, I spoke to a mix of entertainers, writers, and content strategists and asked what their favorite shows of the moment are. Of the 11 people polled by the Inquisitr, three of them surprisingly picked the same program as their favorite.

  • Diamond Dallas Page — WWE Hall Of Famer and founder of DDP YOGA
  • Fred Stoller — Comedian, actor and author of Five Minutes to Kill
  • Chris Collingwood — Frontman of Look Park and Fountains of Wayne
  • Mike Doughty — Singer/songwriter and author of The Book of Drugs
  • Rachel Ritfeld — Actress, model, and travel influencer
  • Ursula Petula Barzey — Founder and chief blogger of Caribbean & Co.
  • Jerry Doby — Editor-in-Chief of The Hype Magazine and member of the United States Press Corps
  • John Davis — Primary singer and songwriter of The Lees of Memory and Superdrag
  • Porter Block — Singer/songwriter and host of the In a State podcast
  • Jeri Fink — Author and co-founder of Book Web Publishing
  • Mark Piro — Musician and head of the Analog Spark record label

But sadly, this writer has only watched three of the recommended series, showing that there is indeed plenty of homework to be done.

Diamond Dallas Page

“Right now what I’m waiting for is House Of Cards to come back to Netflix. All of the original programming on Netflix today, everyone now knows what a Netflix Original is, but it started with House Of Cards. I’m about halfway through this last season. To me, wrestling is more real than politics. Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction. I personally don’t like politics, but this exposes the over-the-top-ness of politics…There are no taboos. They don’t sugarcoat anything and they talk about how ruthless some of the most powerful men in the world are. I find it fascinating, I want to watch it more than what’s on CNN and Fox News. (laughs)

Honorable mention to Sneaky Pete on Amazon and G.L.O.W. on Netflix. On Sneaky Pete, Giovanni Ribisi shows that he is one of the best actors of his generation.”

Fred Stoller

“I love Better Call Saul, but mostly I love it for what I want it to be, and it is at times, more like Breaking Bad. I love when they bring back characters from Breaking Bad. Maybe I’m an idiot, but I like more cartel, less lawyers. I love many of the weird side characters like the guy who collects baseball cards. I love Gus.”

Chris Collingwood

Hotel Beau Séjour – A friend convinced me to give this Belgian series a shot, and I ended up watching the whole thing in just two days. It’s a murder mystery where the sleuth is the victim, the ghost of a young woman who was murdered on a night she can’t remember. Some supernatural shenanigans I had to keep rewinding to make sure I understood, but it was worth it.

Danger 5 – This Australian series had two seasons, and people are divided on this, but I think the first season is better. It’s an absurdist comedy about a group of spies on various missions to kill Hitler. Their commander is an authoritarian sexist with an eagle’s head. As a rule, I don’t watch any comedies except The Simpsons, but Danger 5 made me ‘lol’ like a stoned teenager.”

Mike Doughty

“I love Silicon Valley. Mike Judge is so fantastically-observant of closed-system subcultures. It’s hilarious and terrifying that right at the center of where our society is changing most are these emotionally-challenged, often clueless guys that, for the life of them, can’t see the world beyond their milieu. The Haley Joel Osment character they introduced this season was amazing.”

Rachel Ritfeld

“My favorite TV show is without a doubt Game Of Thrones. There is literally never a dull moment. Just when you can’t wait to see what happens next for a character, they get stabbed or beheaded or walk through fire and come out alive and naked with dragons! Yes, dragons! And… naked!”

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Ursula Petula Barzey

“I’ve actually been watching the original BBC House Of Cards. It actually has made me less impressed with the Kevin Spacey version as I now realize that so much of dialogue was borrowed from the original.”

Jerry Doby

“My favorite television show is the FOX event based series Shots Fired created by Gina Prince and Reggie Blythewood. Shots Fired showed two sides of a coin on the current subject of police atrocities against American citizens. The story, while based in a fictitious town, isn’t based on a fictitious world. In each story, there are two sides and the truth…Shots Fired delivered a well-crafted blend of visual metaphors with world class all original music beds each week.”

John Davis

“My favorite show for the past several years has been Turn: Washington’s Spies on AMC. There’s just nothing better happening anywhere on television at the moment.”

Porter Block

“I love Catastrophe. It’s a really realistic and funny portrayal of human relationships and love in the modern age. So much less contrived than typical TV.”

Jeri Fink

House Of Cards – Kevin Spacey (a.k.a. Frank Underwood) played Trump before we knew our president was for real. The show is a combination of what can happen and what happens…Its only competition is reality!”

Mark Piro

Twin Peaks – That gum I like really did come back in style! I still can’t believe this reboot actually happened, and that it includes original creators Mark Frost and David Lynch, as well as most of the original cast. The new season is just as weird and dense as you would expect, and you get the sense that Lynch is really in his element. Maybe the first few episodes were meant to weed out the fairweather fans, but I’m more than happy to follow along Lynch and Frost’s path as long as it ends with the return of Agent Dale Cooper — the good one!”


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