Former Bond Girl Lana Wood Update: Moves Into A House, Fans Raise $40,000, And Daughter Evan On Life Support

Actress Lana Wood had been living in a motel room with her daughter, son-in-law, three grandchildren, and two dogs after she was evicted from her California home a few months ago. Medical bills contributed to Lana’s dire financial situation. Wood’s daughter, Evan, has Hodgkin’s lymphoma and on oxygen 24 hours a day as her lungs were damaged by radiation treatments.

Lana revealed that she was depressed and felt like hurting herself on multiple occasions, but she had to continue and push forward for her daughter and grandchildren. Even though she still feels sad, she admits she has much to feel grateful for, and that helps minimize the tears. Wood stated on her GoFundMe page that without her fans’ donation, she would be living under a bridge. She talked about going shopping at second-hand stores for furniture and how grateful she feels that so many of her followers helped her get out of the motel and into a home.

Lana revealed that she has a bunch of boxes to unpack, but this house is more than just a place to get out of the motel — it is a home. Wood continues that her daughter, Evan, has not been doing well at all. She went into full cardiac arrest and had no heartbeat for 20 minutes. Evan is on life support, and the doctors aren’t sure if she will ever recover. Her son-in-law, Nick, and her grandchildren hope that Evan makes a full recovery.


Even though she suffers from many health problems herself, she refuses to let them slow her down. With Evan in the hospital on life support, her grandchildren need her more than ever. In the end, her fans and loved ones donated nearly $40,000 to help her get back on her feet. She now has food, water, and electricity and rented a home large enough for her grandchildren, daughter, and son-in-law.

Wood said she felt hopeless and worried they would never find another rental home. However, her fans, whom she affectionately called her “angels,” helped her get on her feet again.

In April, when the news broke that Lana was homeless, many wondered why Robert Wagner had not stepped in to help Natalie Wood’s sister. At the time, Lana shared that she has not talked to Robert or Natalie’s children in years.


Fox News reported that in 2011, Wood pressed Robert for answers about Natalie’s sudden death in 1981. Law enforcement said that Wagner was never a suspect and he denied any involvement in her death.

“Natalie was a very loving, very giving person… sometimes to an extreme. She also went through a period of time where she said she’s gotta stop caring so much when it’s not good for her. And she did that through therapy. You know, she would have done everything in her power to help. She probably would have turned around and bought us a house!”

Lana Wood expressed her gratitude for her fans stepping in to help. She asks that they continue to remember her daughter, Evan, in their prayers.

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