‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Thursday, July 13 – Carly Wants Nelle Gone – ‘GH’ Recap Wednesday, July 12

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, July 13, say that Carly (Laura Wright) tells Bobbie (Jacklyn Zeman) that she will beat Nelle (Chloe Lanier) at her own game now that she knows what they’re playing. Carly is counting on Felicia (Kristina Wagner) to get the dirt they need to get Nelle out of Michael’s (Chad Duell) life.

Secrets and schemes in Port Charles

Too bad Michael doesn’t want Nelle anywhere but in his arms. The latest GH spoilers promo shows Michael and Nelle are close to swapping “I love you” declarations as Michael tells Nelle that he’s “very serious” about her. Michael won’t be happy when he finds out mom and grandma are conspiring against them.

Nathan (Ryan Paevey) runs into Felicia at The Rib, and Felicia tells him Maxie (Kirsten Storms) thinks he’s keeping something from her. Maxie is right. It’s the Man Landers scheme. Nathan won’t keep that secret too much longer. Kirsten Storms’ return air date is confirmed. Maxie is back very soon and will want answers.

Warnings on Thursday’s General Hospital

Recent General Hospital spoilers from Soaps She Knows predict that Felicia thinks Bobbie and Carly might be heading down the wrong path, but they’re insistent. Bobbie puts Felicia on the job of shaking loose all the skeletons in Nelle’s closet. Over at the park, Sonny (Maurice Benard) doesn’t like the way Oscar (Garren Stitt) talked to him.


Sonny lets Oscar know exactly who he is and tells him now that he knows who he is, the excuses won’t work. Other General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central reveal that Sonny takes an interest in Oscar and will try and use him to get Josslyn to forgive him. Also on Thursday, July 13, Nathan gets a call from Amy (Risa Dorken) who needs help.

The worst news for Scotty

Also on Thursday, July 13, Lucy (Lynn Herring) comes to see Scotty (Kin Shriner) with news. Lucy says she has something to tell him that can’t wait. GH spoilers indicate that Lucy will announce the death of Scotty’s dad Lee Baldwin (Peter Hansen) and the ABC soap will stage a funeral for Lee that will serve as a tribute to Hansen. Serena Baldwin (Chloe Schroeder) comes back on Friday, July 14th, for the funeral.

Those are the latest General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, July 13. Read on for a recap of the Wednesday, July 12 episode of GH.


General Hospital recap – Wednesday, July 12

Carly complained to Bobbie that Nelle was with Michael at the wedding and about Josslyn’s issues with Sonny. Bobbie said Carly must face the consequences of her choices and reminded her that life with Sonny never worked out. Bobbie told Carly she may destroy her relationship with Michael over Nelle. The two decided they need Felicia to get dirt on Nelle and let Michael find out the worst.

At camp, Spencer talked to Josslyn about avenging his father. Oscar showed up and Joss introduced the two. Spencer told him that his uncle murdered his father just like Hamlet. Joss warned Spencer that Hamlet destroyed himself. At the MC, Kevin and Laura talked about Spencer’s Valentin obsession. Kevin said it’s about keeping Nikolas present in his life in a healthy way.


Valentin made a grand gesture

Nina found Julian in her office while Valentin showed up in the Crimson lobby. Nina told Julian that Crimson is in good shape, but the rest of his empire is crumbling. He agreed. Julian saw Valentin waiting for Nina as he left. Julian went to the MetroCourt and ran into Kevin and Laura. He told them Valentin is back and Laura panicked and called Lulu.

Valentin told Nina he started a non-profit in her name that will help military vets and retired races horses. Nina told Valentin the foundation is a great idea but he won’t lure her back. Valentin said he’s trying to win her, not lure her. Nina reminded him that he killed Spencer’s father and he needs to fix it. Later, Nina told Nelle she needs to know she’s more important than his demons.


Spencer rejected Valentin

Laura asked Kevin to go with her to pick up Spencer from camp since Valentin is back. In the park, Valentin applauded Spencer reading from Hamlet. Valentin told Spencer he’d like them to be friends since they’re family. Valentin offered Spencer a ring that Mikkos gave him. Spencer told him that ring won’t make up for killing his father.

Sonny told Jason about a new business deal. Sam eavesdropped while evil ghost Sonny whispered that he and Jason are doing business like old times. Ghost Sonny told her the closer Jason is to him, the closer he is to death. Sam told the hallucination to stop it and Jason heard her. Sam made an excuse and left. Jason told Sonny that Sam was mad about him getting shot.


Sonny wanted a deal, Jason won’t budge

Sonny offered Jason a partnership in a legit business – a real estate development deal. Sam went looking for Julian at the MetroCourt and told him Sonny says he’s going legit. Julian said Sonny will never get out. Sam ranted and Julian said if she wanted a permanent solution, getting rid of Sonny is the answer.

Jason turned down Sonny’s offer and said it might look like a mob front. Sam told Julian she thinks Sonny will try and make Jason take over his territory. Ghost Sonny showed up and told Sam she doesn’t have the guts to do what needs to be done. Sam thanked Julian and asked him not to tell Alexis about this talk.


Sam got a gun – Sonny’s on borrowed time

Sam made a call as she left to someone mysterious and told them she needs to make a purchase. It sounded illegal. Sonny told Jason he might offer the deal to Michael instead and then he left. Diane called Sonny with good news. Sam came home and was happy Sonny was gone. Jason told Sam he turned down the business opportunity.

Jason promised her he’s out of Sonny’s world for good but she didn’t like that Sonny left the papers there. After Jason left the room, Sam pulled out a gun when ghost Sonny taunted her. Sam told him she’ll make sure he can’t ever hurt Jason. Her call to that someone was to buy a gun that she plans to use to kill Sonny. This is all part of Sam’s meningitis plot, according to new GH spoilers.

Kevin and Laura showed up in the park and told Valentin to stay away from Spencer. Then Spencer tossed Valentin the ring back and said he will bury him with it. Joss and Oscar talked about parent drama and they agreed to use the word fireflies as code. Sonny showed up to see Joss and got pushy. Oscar told him to leave Joss alone or there will be a problem. That’s Wednesday’s recap in a nutshell.

There’s still more hot action to come on this week’s General Hospital and don’t forget Milo is back soon according to new General Hospital spoilers.


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