YouTube Star Defends Having Sex While Breastfeeding Her Infant, Claims It’s ‘Completely Natural’

breastfeeding while having sex

YouTube star, Tasha Maile is one of many celebrities that want to normalize breastfeeding. However, Maile takes it a step further by stating that there’s nothing wrong with breastfeeding while having intercourse with her spouse.

The fact is most people would agree that breastfeeding is best. A mother should feel comfortable enough to nurse her child while out in public, but, nursing while having sexual relations may be going too far.

According to her YouTube Channel, Spiritual Tasha Mama, she admitted to having sex while nursing her infant. Tasha claimed that her baby was 3-months-old at the time and had to be “attached” to her at all times. She later clarified that her baby was “sleep feeding,”

Maile stated that she had to be creative when her child was so clingy. She added that if she hadn’t had sex while nursing, she would have never had any alone time with her husband.

The social media sensation explained that on more than one occasion, Maile would nurse her infant on her side and her husband would do “his thing” on the other side.

Tasha’s video, which has over 4 million views, sparked controversy. Some felt after hearing her point of view that having sex while breastfeeding could be classified as incestuous.

As you can imagine, Maile didn’t believe that her steamy bedroom time with her husband with her infant attached to her was improper. In fact, she defended it and called it “completely natural.”

According to Hollywood Gossip, Tasha compared nursing while having sex to sharing a room with your infant and having sex while they are sleeping.

Tasha added that her infant was a difficult child that wouldn’t allow her to put him down, even when he was asleep. So, it didn’t give her many options when it came to making love to her husband.

When someone asked her there was ever a time she had intercourse when her son was awake, Maile never gave a clear answer. She replied that the baby wouldn’t judge you and as long as you are happy, they will be too.

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